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Laura McAllister

University of Sheffield Management School

Philip McCann

Philip McCann is a researcher with the ESRC Rebuilding Macroeconomics programme, the ESRC-funded UK in a Changing Europe initiative, and is Co-Director and Principal Investigator with ESRC Productivity Insights Network programme.

University of Bristol

Jeremy McCauley

Jeremy is a lecturer in economics at the University of Bristol. He is an applied micro-economist working on topics in public economics and health. One current focus of his research is end-of-life medical spending.

National University of Ireland Galway

Tom McDermott

Tom is the Galway University Foundation Lecturer in the Economics of Climate Change and Development and Director of the MSc in Global Environmental Economics at NUI Galway. His research interests are at the intersection of environmental and development economics, with a particular focus on the economic impacts of extreme weather events. Tom’s research has been published widely, including in leading economics and generalist science journals, and has been cited over 1900 times.

University of Birmingham

Rebecca McDonald

Rebecca is a senior lecturer in economics. She conducts research in behavioural economics using experimental methods. She studies how individuals value outcomes that do not have a clear market price, including health, online privacy, and the risk of fatality. In doing so, she explores how risk and delay affect the value of outcomes, and examines the stability of preferences within and across contexts.

Center for Global Development

Anthony McDonnell

Anthony is a senior policy analyst at the Center for Global Development, working on vaccine policy, supply chains and antimicrobial resistance. Anthony previously worked as head of economic research for the UK’s independent review into antimicrobial resistance, as a senior health economist at the University of Oxford and as the only in-house economist at the Wellcome Trust.