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University of Birmingham

Rebecca McDonald

Rebecca is a senior lecturer in economics. She conducts research in behavioural economics using experimental methods. She studies how individuals value outcomes that do not have a clear market price, including health, online privacy, and the risk of fatality. In doing so, she explores how risk and delay affect the value of outcomes, and examines the stability of preferences within and across contexts.

Center for Global Development

Anthony McDonnell

Anthony is a senior policy analyst at the Center for Global Development, working on vaccine policy, supply chains and antimicrobial resistance. Anthony previously worked as head of economic research for the UK’s independent review into antimicrobial resistance, as a senior health economist at the University of Oxford and as the only in-house economist at the Wellcome Trust.

University of Edinburgh

Nicola McEwen

Nicola McEwen is Professor of Territorial Politics and Co-Director of the Centre on Constitutional Change. She specialises in nationalism, devolution and intergovernmental relations, with a focus on Scotland and the UK in comparative perspective. Her recent research has examined the impact of Brexit on UK devolution and the future of the Union, supported by an ESRC Senior Fellowship with the UK in a Changing Europe. Nicola is actively involved in informing debate within the wider policy and

University of Sheffield

Steven McIntosh

Steven McIntosh is a local node director of the Centre for Vocational Education Research. His research focuses on education and labour market outcomes. Areas include the determinants of education choices, rates of return particularly to vocational qualifications and apprenticeships, and the match between the demand and supply of skills, considering the extent to which employees’ skills and abilities are appropriate for their jobs.

University of Strathclyde

Stuart McIntyre

Stuart is a Professor in Economics at the University of Strathclyde and a Research Associate at the Office for National Statistics supported Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence. His primary research areas are in applied economics and econometrics, in particular as applied to regional and spatial economics, and policy evaluation. Recent projects include work to generate timelier and higher frequency estimates of regional economic growth in the UK and elsewhere (e.g. in the USA), and to analyse

University of Nottingham (School of Education)

Jo McIntyre

Working in the field of refugee education with a focus on how we can improve the lives of those who are marginalized or disadvantaged in schools. Her research has considered the barriers/ opportunities schools face in supporting refugee children. Questions around inclusion and integration emerge as a notable concern in this research, around who is rendered visible/ invisible through policy and practice. Her book analysing good practice for refugee education is soon to be published by Routledge.