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National Institute of Economic and Social Research

Barry Naisbitt

Barry joined NIESR as Associate Research Director for Global Macroeconomics in 2017 having worked in a number of roles in the private and public sectors, including as Chief Economist at Santander UK, Economic Advisor at both HM Treasury and the National Economic Development Office (NEDO) and Lecturer in Economics at the University of Liverpool. Barry’s research interests are in applied macroeconomics, particularly in issues concerned with financial and housing markets, debt, employment and productivity in the UK and globally.

ISER, University of Essex

Alita Nandi

Alita Nandi is a Senior Research Fellow at ISER, University of Essex and Associate Director of Understanding Society. She conducts empirical research to investigate ethnic and gender differences in subjective and economic wellbeing and to understand the formation of identity, the correlates of harassment & discrimination and their role in determining life outcomes.


Zara Nanu

Zara is an expert on how diversity and inclusion can shape more dynamic and productive teams and a more engaging and empowering workplace. She is an entrepreneur who believes business can generate social impact as well as revenues and profits. She is a Research Fellow at University of West of England, a member of the Future Council on Equity and Social Justice at the World Economic Forum and and leads the membership of Gapsquare in the Equal Pay International Coalition (ILO).


Angela Nartey

Angela Nartey is a policy officer at the University and College Union (UCU). Angela is leading on work to develop proposals for improving fairness, accessibility and transparency in undergraduate application and admission processes. Recent publications include: Higher education admissions: the time for change (2020) and Post-qualification application: a student-centred model (2019). Prior to joining UCU, Angela has worked in policy roles in the further education, voluntary and health sectors.

University College London

Max Nathan

Max Nathan is Associate Professor in Applied Urban Sciences at CASA, University College London, an associate in the CEP Urban Programme and a Research Fellow at IZA. He is also a Deputy Director of the What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth. He is an economic geographer with a background in public policy. His work looks at urban economic development, especially innovation systems and clusters; immigration and diversity; and public policy for cities.

University of Manchester

James Nazroo

James Nazroo is Deputy Director (and previously founding Director) of the Centre of Dynamics of Ethnicity and co-Director (and previously founding Director) of the Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing. His research focuses on social and health inequalities in later life, and on ethnic/racial inequalities in health examining how this relates to different dimensions of inequality that are shaped by processes of racism.