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Romesh Vaitilingam

Romesh Vaitilingam is an economics writer, communications consultant and Editor-in-Chief of the Economics Observatory (ECO). He is the author of several books and reports on economics, finance, business and public policy. His work also involves consultancy for the economic research and policy-making community, including the Centre for Economic Policy Research and VoxEU, the European Economic Association, the IGM Forum’s Economic Experts Panels and the Royal Economic Society.

University of Nottingham

Marco Vaitilingam

Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics

Anna Valero

Anna Valero is an ESRC Innovation Fellow at the Centre for Economic Performance at the LSE and an associate of the Grantham Research Institute, LSE. Her research focused on the drivers of productivity and innovation in firms and regions, and in particular the role of skills and universities in explaining differences in economic performance. Much of Anna’s work focuses on the topics of UK productivity and industrial strategy, and has included work for the LSE Growth Commission and a series of Centre for Economic Performance-Grantham Research Institute reports on sustainable growth/recovery from Covid-19.

Imperial College London

Tommaso Valletti

Tommaso Valletti is a CEPR Fellow. He was the Chief Competition Economist of the European Commission (2016-2019). His research interests are in industrial economics, regulation, and competition economics. His current work looks at the drivers of attention on digital platforms.

University of Manchester

Bart Van Ark

University of Oxford, CEPR

Rick van der Ploeg

Rick van der Ploeg expertise is macroeconomics, international economics and public economics, and his main interests are climate change and natural resources. He is a research fellow of CEPR and CESifo. He is a former Member of Parliament and State Secretary in the Netherlands and was member and vice chair of the Unesco World Heritage Committee. He has done advisory work for the IMF, the World Bank, the AfDB, the ADB, the OECD and the EU and has been on supervisory board in industry, banking and cultural organisations.