Questions and answers about coronavirus and the UK economy
Questions and answers about coronavirus and the UK economy


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Martin O'Connell

Martin is Deputy Research Director at the Institute for Fiscal Studies and heads the Consumption Sector. His research focuses on public economics, industrial organisation and applied microeconometrics. He has published several articles on the effects and design of public policy aimed at altering consumer and firm behaviour.

Future Economies Research Centre, Manchester Metropolitan University

Nick O’Donovan

Nick is a Senior Lecturer in the Future Economies Research Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University. With a background in political science, Nick’s research interests include taxation, fiscal policy, big tech and the digital economy. He has conducted studies into tax reform on behalf of organisations including the European Commission and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and he currently designs and teaches courses on tax policy-making for civil servants from HM Treasury and HMRC.


Kate Ogden

Kate joined the IFS as a Research Economist in 2020 and works in the local government sector. Her current focus is the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on local authority finances. She also works on analysis of the ongoing major changes to English local government finance, and another project considering the distributional impacts of spending on public services. Before joining the IFS she worked as an economist at the Cabinet Office.

Financial Access Initiative, NYU-Wagner

Timothy Ogden

Timothy Ogden serves as Managing Director of the Financial Access Initiative at NYU-Wagner. He speaks and writes regularly on financial inclusion, microfinance, inequality, and social investment. He is the author of Experimental Conversations, on the use of RCTs in development economics, and of the Weekly faiV, a widely read newsletter on financial inclusion, poverty and economic development. Tim also serves as a senior fellow of the Aspen Institute’s Economic Opportunities Program and Financial Security Program.

University of Toronto

Philip Oreopoulos

Philip Oreopoulos is a Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research and co-chairs the education program at the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab. Dr. Oreopoulos’ current work focuses on education policy, especially the application of behavioral economics to education and child development. He often examines this field by initiating and implementing large-scale field experiments, with the goal of producing convincing evidence for public policy decisions.

City-REDI Institute, Birmingham Business School, The University of Birmingham

Raquel Ortega-Argiles

Professor Ortega-Argiles holds the Chair of Regional Economic Development at City- REDI Institute, University of Birmingham. Her work cover areas including regional development, local innovation and entrepreneurship, competitiveness and Brexit. Her scientific work ranges in approach from advanced econometric modelling to case study techniques. Raquel’s research is funded by UKICE and Rebuilding Macroeconomics ESRC initiatives and recently also by Facebook. She is an editor of Regional Studies.