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University of Warwick

Andrew Oswald

Andrew Oswald is a Professor of Economics and Behavioural Science at the University of Warwick. His research is principally in applied economics and quantitative social science. It currently includes work on the COVID-19 crisis and health economics. In more normal times Andrew Oswald also works on the empirical study of job satisfaction, human happiness, mental health, unemployment, labour productivity, and the influence of diet on psychological well-being. He serves on the board of editors of Science.

UCL Institute of Education

Laura Outhwaite

Laura Outhwaite is a Research Fellow in the Centre for Education Policy and Equalising Opportunities – a new interdisciplinary research centre at UCL Institute of Education, focused on identifying and reducing structural barriers to opportunities across the life course. Her expertise lies in psychology applied to education in understanding the design and impact of interventions on child outcomes, with a focus on early years, mathematical and cognitive development, and educational technology.

LSE, Centre for Economic Performance (CEP), What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth

Henry Overman

Henry Overman is Professor of Economic Geography at the London School of Economics. He is also the Research Director of the Centre for Economic Performance and the director of the What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth. His research interests include the causes and consequences of spatial disparities and the impact of urban and regional policy.

Economics For The Environment Consultancy (EFTEC)

Ece Ozdemiroglu

Ece Ozdemiroglu is an environmental economist specialising in valuing nature’s benefits for human health and wellbeing. Her focus is on pushing the boundaries of what’s included in economic analysis and making better cases the business case for investing in natural capital. Her current work is particularly relevant agriculture, water and land management and adaptation to climate change. She is the founding director of eftec and a member of the UK Committee on Climate Change – Adaptation.

King's College London

Gulcin Ozkan

Gulcin Ozkan is Professor of Finance at King’s College London. Previously, she held academic positions at METU, Durham University and the University of York. She has also been the Managing Editor of the Bulletin of Economic Research since 2013. Her research focuses on the intersection of macroeconomics and finance covering financial crises; financial stability; fiscal policy and financial constraints; monetary and macroprudential policies; emerging markets; and the economics of constitutions.

Future Economies Research Centre, Manchester Metropolitan University

Nick O’Donovan

Nick is a Senior Lecturer in the Future Economies Research Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University. With a background in political science, Nick’s research interests include taxation, fiscal policy, big tech and the digital economy. He has conducted studies into tax reform on behalf of organisations including the European Commission and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and he currently designs and teaches courses on tax policy-making for civil servants from HM Treasury and HMRC.