Questions and answers about coronavirus and the UK economy

Questions and answers about coronavirus and the UK economy

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Digital economy

Digital technologies play an ever-increasing role in our lives – and the pandemic has seen this trend accelerate. Effective regulation of digital platforms, resilience of the networks and equitable, universal access are among the challenges facing policy-makers.

Health, physical & mental

How is coronavirus catalysing changes in digital health?

Healthcare professionals’ use of remote consultations, electronic prescription services and other digital health systems has grown during the pandemic, as has investment in these technologies by governments and the private sector. It is unclear whether these trends will continue beyond Covid-19.

Science, technology & innovation

What are the social responsibilities of the dominant digital platforms?

Most digital platforms have emerged as big winners from the pandemic. Yet they are under regulatory pressure on both sides of the Atlantic. A fundamental question is whether and how these businesses should be held accountable for what happens on their websites.

Science, technology & innovation

Big Tech: how can we promote competition in digital platform markets?

With the growing market dominance of digital platforms like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, calls for an effective policy response have become louder. New competition regulations are on the horizon, but international cooperation is needed for them to succeed.

Data stories

Wales at Euro 2020: are the betting markets underestimating their chances?

The transfer market value of the Welsh football team suggests a higher probability of winning than the bookmakers’ odds; and their veteran star player may be undervalued. Both factors suggest that the chances of success for Wales at Euro 2020 are understated.

Data stories

Is football coming home?

England football fans are starting to sing ‘It’s coming home’; while followers of Scotland and Wales hope their teams can cause a few shocks at Euro 2020. But the chances of these outcomes are slim, despite what’s suggested by the bookmakers’ odds.

Schools, universities & training

Update: How has the crisis affected children from poorer backgrounds?

Children from lower-income households face larger learning losses than their peers. Their parents and guardians are also more likely to face reduced earnings as a result of the pandemic. These factors will exacerbate inequality unless policy-makers act now to close the education gap.

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