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The biennial question is back: is football coming home?

The bookies have England as slight favourites for Euro 2024. But scorecasting economics suggests that at 10%, the team’s probability of lifting the trophy is behind Spain (15%) and France (20%). Scotland have a 45% chance of getting beyond the group stages of a big tournament for the first time.

Nations, regions & cities

What transport policies could improve the UK’s productivity?

Towns and cities with effective transport within and between them host more productive businesses, which can pay higher wages. But with too few of such places, the UK suffers from low productivity. Making the transport investments we need locally instead of according to national plans would help.

Schools, universities & training

University degrees: how should we assess their value?

Evaluating university degrees on the basis of the job prospects they provide for graduates has led to some being seen as ‘low value’ or ‘low quality’. But, in reality, their worth is hard to measure. Closing such courses is likely to have a negative effect on social mobility.

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Student Performance

In 2022, Scotland’s PISA score fell below the OECD average for maths and science.

Pensions, savings & investment

Can the UK afford the triple lock on state pensions?

The value of state pensions in the UK is protected by the so-called triple lock. This policy has led to substantial increases in payments to pensioners, raising questions about its affordability over the longer term.

Banks & financial markets

Why did the Bank of England need a review of its forecasting record?

Ben Bernanke, economics Nobel laureate and former chair of America’s central bank, the Federal Reserve, was invited to evaluate the Bank of England’s forecasting for monetary policy-making and communication. While his review makes a number of recommendations, some important issues are missing.

Schools, universities & training

How can the UK’s apprenticeship system be improved?

Apprenticeships are intended to provide opportunities for young people as they move from education to working life. But the way things operate in the UK means that those who would most benefit are often missing out.

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