Questions and answers about coronavirus and the UK economy

Questions and answers about coronavirus and the UK economy

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Why are supermarket shelves in Northern Ireland empty?

The pandemic continues to cause disruption to global food supplies. But the reason for empty supermarket shelves in Northern Ireland is the interaction between the end of the Brexit transition period and the region’s high level of market integration with the rest of the UK.

In conversation with Wendy Carlin

Michael McMahon, Professor of Economics at Oxford University, interviews Professor Wendy Carlin, Professor of Economics at UCL, on macroeconomics, teaching, and widening diversity in the field.

Schools, universities & training

How can policy-makers and parents support home learning during lockdown?

With schools again closed, disadvantaged children need laptops and internet connections to access remote education. Parents can support home learning by making their children’s wellbeing the priority and focusing on the quality of learning experiences, not the quantity.


The end of the beginning?

While the number of UK Covid-19 cases remains worryingly high, particularly in the light of reports that the NHS could be weeks from becoming overwhelmed, by some measures there have been improvements. But while the vaccine may quell the pandemic, its economic effects will remain for years to come. Is this the end of the beginning?

Public spending, taxes & debt

Should a UK wealth tax be devolved?

The Covid-19 crisis has renewed interest in the merits of introducing a tax on net wealth in the UK. A key issue to consider is whether such a tax should be operated uniformly across the country or with some elements devolved to the governments in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast.

Covid-19: Economics meets epidemiology

Banks & financial markets

Are Bitcoin and other digital currencies the future of money?

The rising price of Bitcoin during the pandemic has renewed interest in private digital money. While it is unlikely that Bitcoin will replace existing currencies, the emergence of ‘cryptocurrencies’ and ‘stablecoins’ has prompted exploration of central bank digital currencies.

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