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#studentviews: How can UK policy-makers stop young people from vaping?

The UK proposes to introduce an excise duty on e-cigarettes, with the primary goal being to reduce their consumption. The policy’s effectiveness will depend on whether the price increase is enough to deter people from buying these products – and whether an overall smoking ban is implemented.

Pensions, savings & investment

Should the state pension age go up in countries with ageing populations?

In the developing world, falling fertility and rising life expectancy are leading to ageing populations. This has big implications for public spending, including on pensions. In response, many countries are raising the state pension age and/or debating whether it should go up further.

Public spending, taxes & debt

What are fiscal rules and how have they worked in the UK?

Since the 1990s, UK governments have set constraints on how much they can borrow to fund public spending net of tax revenues, as well as total public debt relative to GDP. These targets are required by legislation but have been frequently adjusted in response to changing circumstances or priorities.


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With high property prices, rising rents and sluggish rates of new-build, the UK is facing a crisis of housing affordability. A comprehensive strategy is urgently needed, one that’s joined up with other key areas of public policy, including taxation and investment in human capital.

Pensions, savings & investment

Is gold a safe haven for investors?

The price of gold has risen in recent years, highlighting the role of this precious metal as a stable investment. While the value of gold is resilient and protected from inflation, its stability is not guaranteed in times of crisis.

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