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World Cup 2022: Is football coming home?

With the group stages of the football’s men’s World Cup in Qatar now complete, the pathways to the final for the remaining 16 teams are clear. ‘Scorecasting’ economists make Brazil favourites to win the tournament with a probability of 28%, while England’s chance of bringing home the trophy is 8.7%.

Festival of Economics 2022

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Business, big & small

What does the European Super League tell us about competition policy?

The would-be founders of the European Super League are challenging the governing body of European football in the European Court of Justice. UEFA is accused of abusing its dominant position by threatening to sanction clubs and players for participating in the breakaway league.

Schools, universities & training

How might teacher shortages be reduced?

Shortages of school teachers – caused by a long-term decline in the competitiveness of their pay as well as challenging working conditions – are a global concern. Effective policy interventions could include targeted pay supplements and encouraging more supportive leadership practices in education.

Public spending, taxes & debt

How did Treasury policy-makers approach the economic response to Covid-19?

The UK Covid-19 Inquiry provides an opportunity to evaluate how expertise, models and informal analysis contributed to the overall outcome for mortality and the economy. Key questions surround the Treasury’s decision not to use integrated ‘epi-macro modelling’ to inform its policy-making.

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#economicsfest: What future for big data and regulation of the tech giants?

With the collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX and troubles at Twitter, discussions on day two of this year’s Bristol Festival of Economics were particularly timely. Big data, social media and behemoth technology firms are here to stay – but calls for their regulation grow louder.


#economicsfest: How might UK policy-makers overcome the polycrisis?

The UK faces a host of economic challenges: from the cost of living crisis and intergenerational housing inequality to geopolitical tensions and climate change. These issues were addressed and potential policy solutions debated on day one of this year’s Bristol Festival of Economics.

Banks & financial markets

What can happen when economic policy-makers lose credibility?

Fears that central banks’ commitment to low inflation is weakening or that a government’s fiscal plans are uncosted, unchecked and unfunded can be highly damaging for households, businesses and the public authorities themselves. A lack of credibility is a disaster for policy-makers.

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