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How has Covid-19 affected India’s economy?

India has been hit hard by the pandemic, particularly during the second wave of the virus in the spring of 2021. The sharp drop in GDP is the largest in the country’s history, but this may still underestimate the economic damage experienced by the poorest households.

Health, physical & mental

How do vaccines affect the risks we face and the way we behave?

Being vaccinated against Covid-19 reduces the chances both of becoming seriously ill oneself and of transmitting infection to other people. This has big implications for the behaviour of both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals – and for public health policy.


Road to recovery

While the immediate public health impact of Covid-19 seems to be easing in the UK, the likely long-term economic scars cannot be ignored. Policies targeting the most vulnerable – as well as investment in technology to improve productivity – are key to a sustainable recovery.

Data stories

What do the latest data reveal about UK trade?

Total trade was down in Q1 of 2021 as worldwide lockdowns halted economic activity. Trade with the EU took a particularly large fall as the UK’s transitory departure period ended on December 31st suggesting Brexit has already had a large impact on trade.

Science, technology & innovation

Do our beliefs about future technology affect the economy?

New technologies, such as 5G telecommunications, self-driving vehicles and mRNA-based drugs and vaccines, have the potential to shape our future. Anticipation of their impact may already be affecting the economy today.

Jobs, work, pay & benefits

Will people go back to the office after the pandemic?

Covid-19 restrictions have forced many people to work remotely to mitigate the spread of the virus. But even after re-opening, a majority of employees would prefer flexible arrangements to continue, with working from home an option for some part of the week.


School's out

As the summer term draws to a close, many questions remain unanswered about how young people can catch up on the learning losses from nearly half a year of school closures. Supporting education and skills – ‘human capital’ – is a critical area for UK policy-makers.

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