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Twenty years of Facebook: how has it shaped economies around the world?

Much has changed since the early days of Facebook in Mark Zuckerberg’s room at Harvard University two decades ago. Today, working out how best to regulate the company is a vital issue for policy-makers around the world. Protecting consumers without dampening innovation is critical.

Productivity & growth

Can digital innovation, including AI, improve productivity growth?

For new digital technologies like artificial intelligence, the rate at which productivity growth will be boosted depends not just on the innovations themselves. How business processes are adapted to take advantage of them is also crucial – as are complementary investments by firms and governments.

Pensions, savings & investment

Is gold a safe haven for investors?

The price of gold has risen in recent years, highlighting the role of this precious metal as a stable investment. While the value of gold is resilient and protected from inflation, its stability is not guaranteed in times of crisis.


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Russia’s brutal invasion has driven millions into poverty and debilitated – but not quite destroyed – Ukraine’s economy. Meanwhile, sanctions are straining the Russian economy, but they are yet to end a war that has sown financial turmoil and personal hardship in the region and across the globe.

Health, physical & mental

Update: How did personality affect mental health during the pandemic?

Different personality traits affected people’s responses to the lockdown and social restriction measures introduced during the pandemic – and how their mental health fared. Evidence from those times can help to inform more effective and tailored treatments to improve wellbeing.

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