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How important is economics in the debate on Scottish independence?

Voters’ perceptions of the economic outcomes of independence played an important role in the result of Scotland’s referendum in 2014. Following Brexit, the debate is no longer just about Scotland’s relationship with the rest of the UK, but also the European Union.

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What new institutions of economic policy would an independent Scotland need?

Building trust in a post-independence Scottish government’s commitments to sound economic policy and sustainable public finances would require strong, operationally independent institutions – including a debt management office, a strengthened fiscal watchdog and a new monetary authority.

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Scottish independence: what are the big economic questions?

Scotland may soon have a second referendum on whether to remain part of the UK. Economic issues will be a key part of the debate – from the fiscal policy institutions needed for an independent country to choice of currency and the future relationship with the European Union.

Data stories

What do the latest data tell us about the UK labour market?

The UK labour market seems to have bounced back to pre-pandemic levels. But new data reveal that part-time work has dropped significantly, while the number of claimants of unemployment benefits remains higher than two years ago. There are also different rates of recovery across regions.

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What might be the effects of a four-day working week?

A shortened working week has been proposed to improve work-life balance, raise productivity and support recovery from the pandemic. Current trials can shed light on whether a four-day week may impose costs on employers and exacerbate labour market shortages.

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How is the healthcare sector dealing with climate change?

Healthcare systems face a growing burden from environmental hazards like air pollution and extreme weather events. As major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, they are also seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.


Money: back to the future

The continuing process of digitalisation of the world’s financial system as well as the move away from cash during the pandemic are raising existential questions about the future of money.

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