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Euro 2024 update: is football coming home?

The second round of matches in the group stage of the Euros kicks off today. So far, there have been a couple of surprise results – and we can expect a few more that may affect some teams’ routes to the last 16. England’s probability of winning the tournament remains at 10%.

Families & households

How could the early years budget be better targeted to reduce inequality?

High-quality early education boosts children’s development, family income and national productivity. But current public spending on it in the UK is not targeted towards the most disadvantaged families. Policies to reshape early years investment could help to reduce, rather than widen, inequalities.

Public spending, taxes & debt

#ElectionEconomics: What are the parties proposing on taxes?

Funding public services has been central to the UK general election debate. The political parties have set out plans in their manifestos, but questions about affordability remain, not least given the general reluctance to announce any increases in taxation.


Journeys by bus in London and English metropolitan areas since 1976



Ideas for the UK: election manifesto week

How can we build more houses? Should taxes and welfare spending be cut? Does the National Health Service need an injection of cash and staff? Our third election newsletter explores some of the big ideas presented this week in the party manifestos.

Jobs, work, pay & benefits

What do we know about the effects of military conscription? 

Mounting national security threats have led a number of European countries to consider reinstating mandatory military service. Proponents argue that it would bolster national defence and boost citizenship among young people. But evidence on either effect is scarce or points to the opposite outcome.

Prices & interest rates

What are the future prospects for UK inflation?

Measures of price inflation in the UK have fallen in recent months, but this comes in part because the high rates of early 2023 have dropped out of the calculation. Domestic and geopolitical risks will affect whether inflation continues to drop over the rest of this year and beyond.

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