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Imperial College Business School

Laure de Preux

Laure is a health and environmental economist. Her research interests span from climate change policies’ evaluation to the determinants of health, with a particular focus on the effect of climate and pollution on individual’s health, behaviour and economic inequalities. Laure regularly collaborates with experts from natural science and medicine to address pressing issues caused by climate change and aims to support the financial as well as environmental sustainability of organisations. Her work

Royal Holloway, University of London and IFS

Juan Pablo Rud

Dr Juan Pablo Rud is a Reader of Economics at Royal Holloway, University of London and a Research Associate at the Institute for Fiscal Studies. His research focuses on low-income countries includes topics related to natural resources, environment and climate change, agriculture, infrastructure provision and regulation, public sector and labour markets.

NIESR, University of Kent

Adrian Pabst

Adrian Pabst is Deputy Director for Social and Political Economy at NIESR and Professor of Politics at the University of Kent. His research is at the interface of political theory, political economy and public policy. He works on the interaction between states, markets and civic institutions, with a focus on questions of relational prosperity and human flourishing. A New Statesman Contributing Writer, Adrian writes about constructive alternatives to orthodox economic and social policy.

Vanderbilt University, NBER

Analisa Packham

Packham studies applied microeconomics, including labor economics, health economics and the economics of education. Her research focuses primarily on the causal impact of Title X clinic access on contraception use and childbearing and the effects of nutritional assistance benefit receipt on consumption, crime, domestic violence, and educational attainment.

Trinity University, San Antonio

Maria Pia Paganelli

Maria Pia Paganelli is a Professor of Economics at Trinity University. She works on Adam Smith, David Hume, and 18th century monetary theories. She wrote The Routledge Guidebook to Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations (Routledge 2020), and co-edited the Oxford Handbook on Adam Smith (OUP 2013) and Adam Smith and Rousseau (EUP 2018). She is the current President of the International Adam Smith Society, and of the History of Economics Society.

The Graduate Institute, Geneva & CEPR

Ugo Panizza

Ugo is Professor of Economics and Pictet Chair at the Graduate Institute, Geneva and Vice President of CEPR. His research focuses on Sovereign Debt, Finance and Development, Emerging Market Countries, and Economic Growth. Before joining the Graduate Institute, he was Chief of the Debt and Finance Analysis Unit at UNCTAD and a Senior Economist at the Inter-American Development Bank. He also worked at the World Bank and taught at the American University of Beirut and the University of Torino.