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Metro Dynamics

Danielle Jackson

Danielle Jackson is a Senior Consultant at Metro Dynamics where she works across both the policy and analytical functions of the company. Her work covers a wide range of economic and social policy areas with interests in inclusive growth, devolution and pan-regional collaboration. Danielle enjoys working closely with places around the UK to better understand the opportunities and challenges in their economies and communities, in order to shape narratives and develop strategy and policy.

Oxford University

Ben Jackson

Ben Jackson’s research focuses on the role of ideas in political and policy debates in the twentieth century, chiefly in the UK. He has worked on the political thought of socialism and liberalism in Britain; the political and economic ideas of the neo-liberal right; and on the history and politics of Scottish nationalism. He recently published The Case for Scottish Independence: A History of Nationalist Political Thought in Modern Scotland (2020).

University of Surrey

Tim Jackson

University of Oxford

Sanjay Jain

Sanjay Jain is Senior Fellow in the Department of Economics at Oxford. His research interests are in development economics, political economy, and applied microeconomic theory. He has previously served on the Economics faculty at Cambridge University, the University of Virginia, the George Washington University, as a lecturer at Princeton University, and as a frequent consultant to the World Bank.

University of Georgia

Jenna Jambeck

CERGE-EI, Charles University and Czech Academy of Sciences

Ole Jann

Ole Jann is assistant professor of economics at CERGE-EI, a joint workplace of Charles University in Prague and the Czech Academy of Sciences. His research is in economic theory and on the covid-19 pandemic; he is head of the research project “Information Revelation and Privacy in the Information Age” and was coordinator of the project “Testing, incentives, information: How to mobilize society’s resources against the pandemic”.