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Royal Holloway & Centre for Economic Performance

Jonathan Wadsworth

Jonathan Wadsworth is a senior research fellow at the LSE’s Centre for Economic Performance, and a research fellow at CReAM and IZA. His research interests are in applied economics, particularly issues of immigration, wages, unemployment, health, and workless households – the concept and measurement of which he co-developed. In addition to publishing in refereed academic journals, he is the editor of the State of Working Britain volumes and blogs.

Urban Studies, University of Glasgow

David Waite

Dr David Waite is a Lecturer in Urban Studies at the University of Glasgow. His research interests focus on the processes underpinning and the governance of second-tier city-region economies. Prior to his appointment at Glasgow, David worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Cardiff University with colleagues in the School of Geography and Planning. David’s doctoral research was undertaken at the University of St Andrews.

WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Systems Research and Management Berlin University of Technology

Ruth Waitzberg

Ruth Waitzberg is a researcher at the Department of Healthcare Management at the Technical University of Berlin and is involved in projects with the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies. In 2019, Ruth acts as assistant editor at the Israel Journal of Health Policy Research and associate and managing editor at the Health Policy Open Journal. Her research interests include: payment to health providers and financial incentives, health insurance, policy evaluation, health and long-term

University of Minnesota, NBER, ZEW

Joel Waldfogel

Joel Waldfogel does empirical research on industrial organisation. He has studied price advertising, media markets, pricing, the operation of differentiated product markets, and the effects of digitisation on media and creative industries. His book Digital Renaissance (Princeton) appeared in 2018. His previous books are the Tyranny of the Market (Harvard, 2007) and Scroogenomics (Princeton 2009). Prior to coming to Minnesota, he was on the faculties of Wharton and Yale.

Queen’s University Belfast

Clive Walker

Clive Walker is Assistant Professor of finance at Queen’s University Belfast. He researches financial markets, both historic and contemporary. His research interests include asset pricing, behavioural finance, information efficiency and initial public offerings. He is currently utilising a digitised archive of Financial Times articles published from 1888-2021 in his research of applied empirical finance.


Patrick Wallis

Patrick Wallis is editor of the Economic History Review. His work explores the economic history of Europe before industrialization, with a particular focus on human capital and apprenticeship, and guilds and economic organization. He has a long-standing interest in health, medicine and epidemics, from plague to SARS.