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New York University

Luis Cabral

His primary research area is the study of firm dynamics (innovation, platforms, reputation) with a focus on media and entertainment industries. He has written numerous papers and books, including Introduction to Industrial Organizations (MIT Press).

University of Kent

Michael Calnan

Professor Michael Calnan is a sociologist involved with teaching and research in the Sociology of Health and Health policy. His recent books are entitled Health Policy, Power and Politics: Sociological Insights, (2020) Emerald and, Power, Policy and the Pandemic, (2022) Emerald. His current research includes a study into violence against doctors in India.

UCL Social Research Institute, University College London

Stuart Campbell

Stuart Campbell works at the UCL Social Research Institute, partly in the Centre for Time Use Research and partly in Quantitative Social Science. Stuart is studying education, social mobility, and migration.

Queen's University Belfast

Gareth Campbell

Gareth Campbell is a Professor in Finance at Queen’s University Belfast. His research has examined issues in Corporate Finance and Asset Pricing from an historical perspective. Major areas of focus have been the nineteenth century capital markets and corporate ownership. He has published in leading journals such as the Review of Financial Studies, the Journal of Economic History and the Economic History Review. He is also the Director of Undergraduate Education at Queen’s Management

University of Bristol

Edmund Cannon

Edmund Cannon is an applied economist. He is a specialist in the economics of annuities and the related fields of pensions and insurance; he has contributed to annuity policy of both the Labour and Conservative governments. He also does research in the history of markets and does both econometric and archival analysis of historical agricultural economics. Finally he is also a contributor to debates on how to teach economics and pedagogy more generally.

University of Warwick

Stefano Caria

Stefano Caria is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Oxford. He is also affiliated to J-Pal and CEPR. In his research, Stefano uses experimental and structural methods to investigate how to make labour markets more inclusive and more efficient. In recent projects, he has studied the barriers to employment among young people in Ethiopia and Syrian refugees in Jordan.