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Jet G. Sanders

Jet is a behavioural scientist, trained in experimental psychology and real world implementation of laboratory evidence using randomised controlled trials in field to improve health and wellbeing on a population level.

Currently she is focused on how everyday time perception affects risk tolerance, decision making and behaviour on a population level. Her research shows that the experiential fluctuation of weekly cycle influences our risk-taking behaviour, with serious consequences for health care, crime, economic and political settings.

SOAS University of London

Meera Sabaratnam

Meera Sabaratnam is Senior Lecturer in International Relations at SOAS University of London. Her research focuses on the colonial and postcolonial dimensions of world politics, both in theory and practice. She has published work on race, decolonisation, international aid and peacebuilding. Recently she has been active in efforts to decolonise education and re-think the legacies of empire.

Centre for Research in Economics and Business, Lahore School of Economics

Farah Said

Farah Said is an Assistant Professor at the Lahore School of Economics and a Research Fellow at the Centre for Research in Economics and Business. She studies dynamics of poverty and gender in LMICs. Her current research investigates the effectiveness of community engagement in improving learning outcome; the role of aspirations and microfinance in supporting female labor force participation; and the role of behavioral biases in the demand for credit and saving among microfinance borrowers.


Thomas Sampson

Thomas Sampson is an Associate Professor of economics at the London School of Economics. His research studies the impact of globalisation on workers, firms and productivity. Thomas is also an academic adviser to the Bank of England and an associate at the Centre for Economic Performance where he has worked extensively on the economic consequences of Brexit.
Prior to joining the London School of Economics, Thomas worked as an Overseas Development Institute Fellow at the Bank of Papua New Guinea and obtained a PhD in economics from Harvard University.

University of Bristol

Sabina Sanghera

Sabina is a Health Economist in the Health Economics Bristol (HEB) group at the University of Bristol. Her expertise is in (1) the measurement and valuation of health and broader outcomes and (2) economic evaluation of public health interventions with intersectoral costs and benefits. Sabina’s current NIHR fellowship explores how best to account for the impact of fluctuating health states on quality of life measures included in economic evaluation.

Sorbonne Business School — University Paris I Sorbonne

Stéphane Saussier

Stéphane Saussier is a Professor of Economics and Public Management at the Sorbonne Business School – University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne – where he is running a research group working on the Economics of Public Private Partnerships. He is also a Professor of Economics at the Blavatnik School of Government – Oxford. Stéphane is regularly involved in reports for international institutions such as OECD, UN and European Parliament.