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University of Bristol

Flyn Scott-Reilly

Flyn is a current undergraduate student studying for a BSc in Economics at the University of Bristol. He is interested in Applied Microeconomics and Economic Policy.

University of Oxford

Petr Sedlacek

Petr Sedlá?ek is a CEPR Research Affiliate. His research mainly deals with macroeconomic questions, with a focus on business cycles, firm and worker heterogeneity. He has obtained the Starting Grant of the European Research Council for his project studying how entrepreneurship, startups and young firms impact the aggregate economy.

The University of Manchester

Marianne Sensier

Marianne Sensier is an Economist and Research Fellow at the Alliance Manchester Business School. Marianne has worked on a number of ESRC, Leverhulme Trust and ESPON funded research projects. Research projects include the Industrial Strategy Commission and the Audit of Productivity for the Greater Manchester Independent Prosperity Review. Marianne is an associate member of the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research at the AMBS.


Almudena Sevilla

Almudena Sevilla is a fellow of the Centre of Time Use Research at the University of Oxford. She has also held positions at Queen Mary University, University of Oxford, University of Essex Institute for Social and Economic Research, and the Congressional Budget Office in Washington DC.

Luskin School of Public Affairs, UCLA

Manisha Shah

Manisha Shah? is a development economist whose research interests lie at the intersection of microeconomics, health, and education with a focus on women and youth. ?Recent papers focus on violence against women and  regulation of sex markets. Shah is Professor of Public Policy at UCLA and Founder of the ?Global Lab for Research in Action?; ?a ?research institute? that ?pursues evidence-based solutions to critical health, education  and economic challenges faced by vulnerable populations around the globe?.

University of Manchester

William Shankley

William is currently a postdoctoral researcher based in the Cathie Marsh Institute (CMI) and a staff member in the Department of Sociology. He is currently working on an ESRC project entitled ‘Together and Apart: the Dynamics of Ethnic Diversity, Segregation and Social Cohesion among Young People and Adults’ with Dr James Laurence. William is also a UK Data Service Impact Fellow and a recipient of the ESRC Baltic Scholarship (University of Riga). William completed his PhD in Sociology with a project that looked at the ‘Residential Patterns and Decision-Making of Polish Internal Migrants in Britain’.