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Institute for Fiscal Studies and University College London

Kate Smith

Kate is an Associate Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies and a PhD student at the Department of Economics, University College London. Her research interests span public economics, household finance and empirical industrial organisation. She has published research on the effectiveness of public policy in retail markets and on how to tax small businesses.

University of Bristol

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith is Professor of Economics at the University of Bristol. Her research interests are in public policy, including gender and charitable giving/ pro-social behaviour. She is looking at the impact of COVID19 on the allocation of childcare and analysing expert economist views on COVID19. She set up a COVID-economics blog targeted at 6th formers wanting a taste of economics.

University of Oxford

Maggie Snowling

Professor Maggie Snowling is President of St. John’s College and Professor of Psychology, University of Oxford. She is also professionally qualified as a clinical psychologist. Her research on children’s reading and language is at the interface of psychology and education. In Oxford, she has served as Chair of the Admissions Committee (2018-2020) and in this role steered the development of major Access initiatives.

Benjamin Sovacool

University of Essex

Lisa Spantig

Lisa Spantig is a lecturer in economics at the University of Essex and a CESifo research affiliate. She is an applied microeconomist who works on topics at the intersection of behavioural and development economics, with a focus on norms and information. For her research, she teams up with NGOs and companies to collect experimental, survey, and administrative data, or uses large-scale secondary survey data.

University of Stirling

Leigh Sparks

Leigh Sparks is Professor of Retail Studies at the University of Stirling. I undertake research into spatial-structural change in retailing. My research has been funded by local authorities, governments, retail organisations and most of the research councils. I have published over 160 refereed journal articles and books. I have been an expert advisor to the Scottish Government on retail, town and place matters since 2012 and am currently chairing a review of the Town Centre Action Plan for them.