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University College London

Andrew Steptoe

Andrew Steptoe is professor of psychology and epidemiology at UCL, where he is also head of the Department of Behavioural Science and Health, and director of the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA). He was previously British Heart Foundation Professor of Psychology (2000-2016), and Director of the Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care (2011-2017). His work is focused on psychological and social processes related to physical health, health behaviour change, and population ageing.

University College London

Vincent Sterk

Vincent Sterk is an Associate Professor in macroeconomics at the Economics Department of University College London. Previously, he was an economist at the Dutch Central Bank and received his PhD from the University of Amsterdam. His research aims to better understand the monetary transmission, the mechanism, the business cycle, and firm dynamics. A common theme in his research is to explore the importance of heterogeneity among economic agents and non-linear effects.

London School of Economics and Political Science

Nicholas Stern

Lord Stern is the IG Patel Professor of Economics and Government, Chairman of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment and Head of the India Observatory at the London School of Economics. He was President of the Royal Economic Society (2018-19) and President of the British Academy (2013- 2017). He was elected Fellow of the Royal Society (June 2014). He has held academic appointments in the UK at Oxford, Warwick, the LSE and abroad at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Ecole Polytechnique and the Collège de France in Paris, the Indian Statistical Institute in Bangalore and Delhi, and the People?s University of China in Beijing. He was Chief Economist of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development 1994-1999, and Chief Economist and Senior Vice President at the World Bank, 2000-2003. He was knighted in 2004, made a cross-bench life peer in 2007 and appointed Companion of Honour in 2017 for services to economics, international relations and tackling climate change.

Warwick Business School

Neil Stewart

Neil Stewart studied Natural Sciences and Experimental Psychology at Cambridge before moving to Warwick as a Psychology PhD student in 1997. His work as a Postdoc, Lecturer and Reader in Psychology was in perceptual decision making and categorisation. More recently as a Professor of Psychology he has worked on topics in behavioural and economic science. In 2017 Neil joined WBS as a Professor of Behavioural Science.

Joseph Stiglitz


Lucy Stokes

Lucy Stokes is a Principal Economist at NIESR. Her research interests focus primarily on issues relating to employment and education. Research on employment and labour markets includes a particular emphasis on employees’ experiences at work, including experiences of older workers. Research on education includes consideration of school performance and effectiveness, as well as evaluation of educational interventions.