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Northwestern University

Charles Manski

Charles F. Manski is Board of Trustees Professor in Economics at Northwestern University. His research spans econometrics, judgment and decision, medical economics, and analysis of public policy. He is author of Patient Care under Uncertainty (Princeton, 2019) and Public Policy in an Uncertain World (Harvard 2013). He is a Member of the National Academy of Sciences, Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy.


Andrea Mantovani

Andrea Mantovani received both his M.A and his PhD in Quantitative Economics from CORE, Université Catholique de Louvain. His main research focuses are on industrial economics, competition policy and regulation, game theory, network economics, economics of innovation, environmental economics, and international trade. He published in Management Science, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Strategy Science, Resource and Energy Economics, among


Marcus Manuel

Marcus Manuel currently researches development finance issues, based at Overseas Development Institute (ODI). He has worked in international development for thirty years. He was a director in the UK’s Department for International Development (DfID), overseeing offices in a range of countries in Africa and Asia. He also was a deputy director at HM Treasury, where he led on international development issues.


Chiara Manzoni

Chiara Manzoni is a Senior Social Researcher at NIESR. Her research interests situate across the study of migration and integration. She is particularly interested on issues affecting vulnerable groups and their education and labour market prospects. Her research includes an analysis of schools’ practices of integration of newly arrived migrants, and of religious and ethnic groups. Recent work in this area has involved exploring the impact of COVID-19 on the integration of migrant children.

National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR)

Larissa Marioni

Larissa Marioni is a Principal Economist at NIESR. She specialises in applied microeconomics and her research interests lie primarily in labour economics, productivity and public policy. Her current work investigates skills mismatches, regional inequalities, and AI in relation to productivity. She holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Southampton.

Bank of England and Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence (ESCoE)

Josh Martin

Josh is an economic adviser to Jonathan Haskel at the Bank of England. He previously held various positions at the Office for National Statistics, most recently as Head of Productivity statistics. Josh has written on a range of topics related to productivity, including environmentally-adjusted productivity measures, productivity of the non-profit sector, measurement of intangible investment at firm-level and in the national accounts, and on microdata analysis, and welfare measures beyond GDP.