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Alexej Makarin

University of Kent

Miltos Makris

Miltos Makris is a Professor of Economics at the University of Kent UK  (is joining Essex in September 2021). After finishing his graduated studies in the Athens University of Economics and Business, he was awarded a Phd in Economics by the University of Essex, UK. He has published in leading peer-reviewed economics journals such as International Economic Review, Journal of Economic Theory, Games and Economic Behaviour, Journal of Public Economics. He is an expert in microeconomics, game theory, public economics and economic dynamics. His current research focuses on the design of incentives.

Centre for Economic Performance, LSE

Alan Manning

Alan Manning is professor of economics at the London School of Economics and is director of the Centre for Economic Performance’s research programme on Community. From 2009 to 2012 he was Head of the Economics department at LSE, from 2004 to 2011 he was a member of the NHS Pay Review Body and from 2016-2020 was Chair of the UK Migration Advisory Committee. His expertise is on labour markets including monopsony, minimum wages, immigration and the impact of technology.


Kalina Manova

Kalina Manova is a Harvard AB/AM/PhD and was previously professor at Stanford, Princeton and Oxford. She is CEPR Research Fellow, Bank of England Consultant and EEA Executive Committee Member. She has received a Leverhulme Prize in Economics and a €1.5M European Research Council grant. Her research examines financial frictions in international trade and investment; firm productivity and management; and global value chains. She has expertise on Europe, China and the US.

Northwestern University

Charles Manski

Charles F. Manski is Board of Trustees Professor in Economics at Northwestern University. His research spans econometrics, judgment and decision, medical economics, and analysis of public policy. He is author of Patient Care under Uncertainty (Princeton, 2019) and Public Policy in an Uncertain World (Harvard 2013). He is a Member of the National Academy of Sciences, Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy.


Andrea Mantovani

Andrea Mantovani received both his M.A and his PhD in Quantitative Economics from CORE, Université Catholique de Louvain. His main research focuses are on industrial economics, competition policy and regulation, game theory, network economics, economics of innovation, environmental economics, and international trade. He published in Management Science, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Strategy Science, Resource and Energy Economics, among others.