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Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and International Centre for Tax, Development (ICTD)

Giulia Mascagni

Giulia Mascagni‘s research focuses on taxation, public finance, and evaluation of public policy in low-income countries. She is an economist and obtained her PhD in 2014 at the University of Sussex (Department of Economics). Giulia is the Research Director at ICTD. She is a Research Fellow in the Governance Cluster at the Institute of Development Studies (UK), as well as Research Associate at the Institute of Fiscal Studies (UK) and Associate Fellow at Johns Hopkins University SAIS (Italy).

University of Sheffield

Jesse Matheson

Jesse is an applied micro-economist working on topics in public, labour and health economics. His previous work considers the effectiveness of policy interventions that target vulnerable populations. This includes a large randomised field study of a domestic violence intervention. He also has work examining the effect that social environment and neighbourhood infrastructure have on individual decision making in the context of smoking, marriage, and raising children.

Queen's University Belfast

Karl Matikonis

Karl Matikonis is a lecturer at Queen’s Management School. His PhD and subsequent research focus on taxation, including windfall taxes and domestic and non-domestic property taxation. It also extends to how policy decisions impact businesses and in particular small and medium sized enterprises.

University of Sheffield Management School

Philip McCann

Philip McCann is a researcher with the ESRC Rebuilding Macroeconomics programme, the ESRC-funded UK in a Changing Europe initiative, and is Co-Director and Principal Investigator with ESRC Productivity Insights Network programme.

University of Bristol

Jeremy McCauley

Jeremy is a lecturer in economics at the University of Bristol. He is an applied micro-economist working on topics in public economics and health. One current focus of his research is end-of-life medical spending.

National University of Ireland Galway

Tom McDermott

Tom is the Galway University Foundation Lecturer in the Economics of Climate Change and Development and Director of the MSc in Global Environmental Economics at NUI Galway. His research interests are at the intersection of environmental and development economics, with a particular focus on the economic impacts of extreme weather events. Tom’s research has been published widely, including in leading economics and generalist science journals, and has been cited over 1900 times.