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Jean-Francois Mercure

The International Growth Centre

Niccoló Meriggi

Niccolo? Meriggi is Country Economist for IGC Sierra Leone. Niccolo?’s research uses rigorous methodologies to explore how people living in developing or emerging countries can be best encouraged to adopt technologies or behaviours that are likely welfare improving or socially desirable. Niccolo? has been conducting large scale experiments in the domain of energy, governance, health and taxation. He has been working in Sierra Leone for the past 5 years, advising government and development agencies. 

City, University of London

Alice Mesnard

Alice Mesnard is a development economist and Reader of Economics at City, specialised in public policy evaluation and analysis. Among her contributions to this field, she has studied the links between migration and health risks. This has led her to investigate unexpected effects of quarantine measures as observed following the outbreaks of SARS, Ebola and Covid-19 and to develop an app to help people move about safely during pandemics.

Princeton University

C. Jessica E. Metcalf

Jessica Metcalf is a demographer with broad interests in evolutionary ecology, infectious disease dynamics and public policy, working as part of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and the School of Public and International Affairs, at Princeton University.

University of Bristol

Charlie Meyrick

After finishing a BSc in Economics and Mathematics, I then completed a master’s in International Development. My main interests include the economics of developing countries, environmental policy, and the growing power and influence of Big Tech firms. I have also produced written work on the role of agricultural reform in mitigating the climate crisis. I am interested in the intersection between journalism, academia, and public understanding of economic policy.

University of Bristol

Giovanna Michelon

Giovanna Michelon is Professor of Accounting at the University of Bristol, where she co-leads the Accountability Sustainability and Governance Research Group. Her research interests are in the field of sustainability accounting and reporting, and her published work has focused on the governance process and systems that underpin corporate actions and accountability on sustainability issues. and the role that sustainability information plays in capital markets. Her work has been published in many leading academic journals such as ScienceAccounting, Organizations and SocietyEuropean Accounting Review, Accounting Auditing and Accountability Journal, and the Journal of Business Ethics.