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Warwick Business School

Ana Galvao

Ana Beatriz Galvão research on empirical macroeconomics and forecasting has been widely published in leading academic researchers. Her recent research has focused on the measurement and communication of data uncertainty, asymmetries in the transmission of shocks to the macroeconomy, the impact of expert judgment in forecasting and applications of mixed frequency models.

Resolution Foundation

Laura Gardiner

Laura oversees the Resolution Foundation’s work in a range of areas including the labour market, taxes, welfare and social mobility. She also specialises in intergenerational issues, and during 2016-18 was secretary to the Intergenerational Commission. Prior to joining the Resolution Foundation Laura spent four years at the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion, where she worked on unemployment, young people, welfare reform and housing.

University of Sussex

Michael Gasiorek

Michael Gasiorek is a Professor of Economics at the University of Sussex, Director of the UK Trade Policy Observatory and Managing Director of a University spin-out company, InterAnalysis. Michael Gasiorek is a specialist in international trade policy and regional integration. He has extensive experience modelling the impacts of changes in trade policy, recently focusing on how firms engage in international trade, the impact of Brexit on UK manufacturing, and the impact of GSP preferences on developing country trade.

University of Nottigham

John Gathergood

John Gathergood is Professor of Economics and Co-Investigator of the ESRC Network for Integrated Behavioural Science. His research focuses on understanding consumer behaviour in financial markets. His current research includes a UKRI rapid response grant to conduct a real-time evaluation of the effects of Covid-19 and policy responses on consumer and small business finances. He has served as an expert adviser to the Bank of England, Financial Conduct Authority and the UK Treasury on topics related to Household Finance.

University of Bristol

Patrick Gaule

Patrick Gaule is an economist seeking to understand how to scale up and accelerate innovation.  His research examines the role of face-to-face interactions in the production of knowledge,  how inequality influences innovation, the migration of talent across countries, and pharmaceutical innovation. Prior to coming to Bristol, he worked at the University of Bath and at CERGE-EI in Prague. He also spent three years in Boston as postdoctoral fellow at MIT Sloan, Harvard, and the NBER.


Ian Gazeley

Ian Gazeley has written on living standards and poverty in Britain during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. His recent research uses household expenditure and poverty survey evidence to examine changes in household incomes, food consumption and nutrition since the industrial revolution.