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Centre for Economic Performance, LSE

Rebecca Rose

Rebecca Rose is a PhD candidate in Economics at the London School of Economics. Her expertise is occupational choice and racial discrimination in labour markets.


Joan R. Rosés

Joan R Rosés is head of Department of Economic History at LSE and CEPR research fellow. He is editor of the European Review of Economic History. He has published widely in different aspects of historical economic geography and long-run growth including regional inequality, land markets, industrialization, technological change, labour markets and housing. Recently, he has investigated the distributional consequences of the Spanish Flu.

University of Strathclyde

Gennaro Rossi

Gennaro is a PhD student at the University of Strathclyde. His research area is economics of education, currently focusing on how classroom characteristics in primary school (e.g. class size) affect school and post-school attainment. He also looks at parental preferences for secondary schools. Furthermore, his research interest reaches out to social capital, in particular its connection to organised crime.

University of Kent and Research-Aid Networks

Jeremy Rossman

Jeremy Rossman is an Honorary Senior Lecturer in Virology at the University of Kent and the President of the non-profit organisation, Research-Aid Networks. He has conducted collaborative interdisciplinary research on the molecular biology of pandemic-causing viruses, international epidemic responses, evidence-based humanitarian aid and science education.

University of Warwick, briq, CEPR, CAGE Warwick, CESifo

Christopher Roth

Christopher Roth is an Assistant Professor at the University of Warwick. His fields of specialization are economics and psychology, subjective beliefs, applied microeconometrics, and political economy. He is especially interested in the role of subjective beliefs in shaping economic and political behavior. Methodologically, his work relies on online surveys, natural field experiments and laboratory

King’s College London

Sanchari Roy

Sanchari Roy is Associate Professor of Development Economics at King’s College London, and Associate Faculty at King’s India Institute. Her research primarily focuses on gender and development, education, mental health and public service delivery. Sanchari completed her PhD in Economics from LSE