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Ricardo Reis

Ricardo Reis is the A.W. Phillips Professor of Economics at the LSE, where he directs the Centre for Macroeconomics. He won the 2016 Bernacer prize for best young European macroeconomist and the 2017 BdF/TSE prize in monetary economics. His research areas are inflation expectations, unconventional monetary policy, central bank’s balance sheet, disagreement and inattention, business cycle models with inequality, automatic stabilizers, sovereign-bond backed securities, and capital

University of Strathclyde

Jennifer Remnant

Jen is a Chancellor’s Fellow in the Scottish Centre for Employment Research, University of Strathclyde. Before working in academia she worked in adult health and social care. She is particularly interested in management of long-term ill health and disability in the workplace, and notions of conditionality and deservingness. When not at work, Jen spends as much time as possible up mountains, in boats and/or dancing.

University of Bristol

Simeon Richards

Simeon is a second year BSc Economics student at the University of Bristol.

Centre for Microsimulation and Policy Analysis, University of Essex

Matteo Richiardi

Matteo Richiardi is a labour economist specializing in microsimulation and agent-based modelling techniques. His main areas of interest are inequality, worker insecurity, labour force participation and wage dynamics. He is the Director of the Centre for Microsimulation and Policy Analysis at the University of Essex, a member of the board of the International Microsimulation Association and is the Chief Editor of the International Journal of Microsimulation.

London Business School

Natalie Rickard

Natalie Rickard is an Economics PhD student at London Business School. Her research interests are in macroeconomics and monetary policy and her work looks at how inequality and household heterogeneity matter for macroeconomic outcomes. Prior to joining LBS she completed a MSc in Economics at UCL and worked as a strategist at BNP Paribas.

Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence (ESCoE), King’s College London

Rebecca Riley

Rebecca is Director of the UK Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence (ESCoE), an independent research centre established in 2017 to address emerging and future issues in measuring the economy. She is Professor of Practice in Economics at King’s Business School, King’s College London. She has written extensively on UK productivity performance and labour market policy.