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U. Reims (France)

Aurélie Ringeval-Deluze

Areas of expertise : the wine sector and champagne industry through different approaches – Institutional economics (PhD thesis) – Industrial economics (industry composition, value creation and distribution) – Actors’ strategies (vertical integration of Champagne winemakers) – Operational marketing (champagne packaging).


Dheeya Rizmie

Dheeya Rizmie is a researcher at Mathematic. She holds a PhD from Imperial College London. work focuses on climate change impacts and policies, particularly those affecting population health and vulnerable communities. Her PhD looked at the heterogeneous impacts of extreme temperatures on emergency healthcare across vulnerable populations and the role of air pollution on determinants of health, specifically individuals’ sleep quantity and quality.

University of Birmingham

James Rockey

James is an applied economist whose research interests are in public economics, specifically political economy and inequality. He is also interested in how these relate to labour economics, particularly productivity. An important part of his work are interdisciplinary collaborations. James is an Associate Professor at the University of Birmingham. His research is currently funded by the ESRC and the British Academy.

Wales Governance Centre, University of Cardiff

Jesús Rodríguez

Jesús is an economist from the Central University of Venezuela, MSc. in Economics from University of Warwick and MSc. in Public Policy from IESA. He currently works as research assistant at the Wales Fiscal Analysis of the Wales Governance Centre, Cardiff University. His main interests are public economics, inequality and labour economics. Prior to work in the UK, Jesús hold different research and senior adviser roles in taxation departments and budget agencies at local governments in

University of Lausanne and CEPR

Dominic Rohner