Questions and answers about coronavirus and the UK economy
Questions and answers about coronavirus and the UK economy


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Director National Education Opportunities Network

Graeme Atherton

Graeme Atherton has been working in the field of access to higher education for years. He leads the National Education Opportunities Network which is the professional organisation for access to higher education in the UK with over 100 organisations as members. Dr Atherton is one of the foremost experts on social mobility and higher education access in the UK specialising in university admissions, participation by those from white working class backgrounds and international, comparative differences in HE participation by social background.

Hertfordshire County Council

Heidi Au

Heidi is Assistant Public Health Analyst at Hertfordshire County Council. Her work currently focuses on the use of data in the surveillance of COVID-19, as well as wider public health programmes. She has completed a master’s degree in Global Health Policy at London School of Economics (LSE), with her thesis on the monitoring of universal health coverage progress in Kenya. Her interest encompasses the monitoring and evaluation of both communicable diseases and health programmes delivery.

Institute for Fiscal Studies

Britta Augsburg

Britta Augsburg, an Associate Director at the Institute for Fiscal Studies, is an economist whose research focuses on understanding the channels through which poverty affects child development and how policy can be used to target these. Her current research portfolio focuses on the influence of the child’s nutrition and wider environment and the effectiveness of programs and policies that tackle constraints to environmental improvements at the community and household level.

World Bank Research

Pierre Bachas

Pierre is an economist in the Development Research Group (DECRG) at the World Bank. He received a PhD in Economics from UC Berkeley in 2016. His research concentrates on Public Finance and Financial Inclusion in developing countries. In particular, how do tax evasion, informality, and limited administrative capacity impact the design of tax and transfer programs in low and middle-income countries.

University of Innsbruck

Alexandra Baier

Alexandra’s general research addresses topics on social exclusion and pro-social behaviour. Using economic experiments, she mainly studies group dynamics in social dilemma situations focusing on social exclusion as a form of punishment and its effects on individual behaviour.

University of East Anglia

Mark Bailey

Current research interests are the Black Death of 1348-9 and subsequent epidemics; their social, economic and cultural impact on fourteenth-century England; and their long-term contribution to England’s subsequent precocious economic performance.