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Paul Allin

Wageningen University

Francisco Alpizar

Economics Center, World Resources Institute

Juan-Carlos Altamirano

Juan-Carlos Altamirano is a Senior Economist at the Economics Center, World Resources Institute. He focuses on economic analysis and modelling for the Climate and Energy Global Initiatives at WRI. Juan-Carlos is an Economist from Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico. He also holds a MSc. on Environmental and Natural Resources Economics from University College London and a PhD. on Climate Change Economics from Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

University of Cambridge, Girton College

Carolina Alves

Carolina Alves is a Joan Robinson Research Fellow in Heterodox Economics at the University of Cambridge, Girton College, who specialises in international macro-finance, development, political economy of money and finance, and issues of decolonisation in economics. She also has a wider interest in the methodology of economics, including ethics and moral economy. Carolina is the co-founder of initiative  Diversifying and Decolonising Economics and co-editor of The Developing Economics blog.

Bank of England

Lena Anayi

Lena Anayi is an Economist at the Bank of England. She works in the Structural Economics Division within the Bank’s Monetary Analysis Directorate, where she is involved in corporate sector analysis. As part of this, she is involved in the day-to-day running of the Decision Maker Panel (DMP) survey of UK businesses, as well as research, analysis and dissemination of results to the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee. Lena holds an MPhil in Economics from the University of Oxford.

Royal Holloway University of London

Dan Anderberg

Dan Anderberg’s research interests are in family economics and public policy. In the family area his research focuses on marriage choices, divorce, domestic violence, and vulnerable children. In public policy he also works on education choices, expectations and behaviour. He is Research Associate at the IFS and Distinguished Affiliate at CESifo.