Questions and answers about coronavirus and the UK economy
Questions and answers about coronavirus and the UK economy


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University of St Andrews

Nicolò Bandera

Nicolò Bandera is a PhD student in Economics at the University of St Andrews. His main areas of research are macroeconomics and monetary economics. He is also particularly interested in China’s monetary policy. Before joining St Andrews, he worked at Eurizon SLJ Capital in a macro research role.


Oriana Bandiera

Oriana Bandiera is the Sir Anthony Atkinson Professor of Economics and the Director of the Suntory and Toyota Centre for Economics and Related Disciplines (STICERD) at the London School of Economics. She is vice-president of the European Economic Association, and director of the Gender, Growth and Labour Markets in Low-Income Countries programme and of the research programme in Development Economics at CEPR. She is co-editor of Microeconomic Insights, and Economica, and serves on the board of the International Growth Centre. Her research focuses on how monetary incentives and social relationships interact to shape individual choices within organisations and in labour markets.

University of Manchester, IFS

James Banks

James Banks’ interests and research are on all aspects of the economics of ageing, including: life-cycle consumption and spending behaviour, savings and pensions; cognition and financial decision making; work, retirement, health and disability at older ages. He has served on expert advisory groups for ESRC, DWP, DH, ONS, and the Government Office for Science. He is also Co-PI of the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing and collaborates with or advises similar large-scale interdisciplinary ageing studies all around the world, including in the US, Europe, China, India, Brazil, Japan and South Africa.

Northumbria University (Newcastle)

Bernardo Batiz-Lazo

Bernardo is professor of FinTech History and Global Trade, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. He is mainly interested in the long-term nature of technological change in retail banking. His most recent publications include “Cash and Dash: How ATMs and Computers Changed Banking” (OUP, 2018). He regularly contributes to media outlets on issues around cashless economy, FinTech, digital payments, ATMs and self-service in retail banking.

University of Sussex

Laia Becares

Laia is a Senior Lecturer and Co-Director of the Centre for Innovation and Research in Wellbeing at the University of Sussex. Her research interests are in studying the pathways by which the discrimination and marginalisation of people and places lead to social and health inequalities across the life course, with a specific focus on racism and heteronormativity as systems of oppression.

CASS Business School

Thorsten Beck

Thorsten Beck is professor of banking and finance at Cass Business School and CEPR research fellow. His research and policy work have focused, among other issues, on bank resolution, macroprudential policies, SME finance, competition in banking, household access to finance and cross-border banking. He has worked as consultant for central banks and international financial institutions and has ample policy experience across advanced and emerging countries.