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The Policy Institute, King’s College London

Bobby Duffy

Bobby is Professor of Public Policy and Director of the Policy Institute. He has worked across most public policy areas in 25 years in policy research and evaluation, and has been seconded to the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit. His work on Covid-19 has focused on how public misperceptions and expectations interact with attitudes and behaviour. This draws on his book, The Perils of Perception – why we’re wrong about nearly everything, focused on how people misperceive key social realities.

University of Kent

Alfred Duncan

Alfred is a Lecturer in Economics at the University of Kent. Alfred studies the theory and empirics of risk sharing. Alfred’s research focuses on the interactions between individual specific and wider macroeconomic risks. The primary applications of this research relate to the design of financial stability policy. The research also has wider implications for fiscal policy.

Harvard University

Karen Dynan

Karen Dynan has been a Professor of the Practice in the Harvard University Economics Department and a Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute of International Economics since 2017. Her previous roles include Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy at the US Department of the Treasury (2014-2017), vice president for Economic Studies at Brookings (2009-2013), and various positions at the Federal Reserve Board. Dynan researches macroeconomic policy, consumer behavior, and household finances. She has a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University and an A.B. from Brown University.