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Cardiff University

Pete Dorey

Since obtaining my PhD from Hull University in 1992, on the Thatcher Governments’ reform of industrial relations and trade unions, I have (up to 2023) published 16 books, and 100 journal articles and book chapters. My main areas of research and expertise are on: British Conservatism and Conservative politics since 1945 to the present day (One Nation Toryism, Thatcherism); Euroscepticism and Brexit; the politics, ideology and discourses of inequality, the decline of trade union influence and membership, the politics of pay determination, House of Lords reform, voting behaviour (changes since the 1970s), Conservative/Labour Party leadership elections, and the ideology and politics of neoliberalism. My most recent book, A Short History of Thatcherism, was published by Agenda in March 2023.

University of Westminster

Richard Dorsett

I am Professor of Economic Evaluation at the University of Westminster. I have designed, conducted and/or analysed numerous randomised trials and non-experimental evaluations, mostly in the fields of employment, welfare and education/training. My specific expertise is in the application of quantitative methods to estimate causal impacts. I act as strategic adviser to the Youth Futures Foundation. Please visit my profile page for full details of projects and publications.

Alexander Dow

University of Stirling and University of Victoria, Canada

Sheila Dow

Sheila Dow’s research focuses on the methodology and history of economics, money and banking, regional finance and macroeconomics. In addition to her academic career she has worked as an economist in the government sector, and has been a special advisor to the UK Treasury Select Committee. Her recent books include Foundations for New Economic Thinking (2012) and A History of Scottish Economic Thought (edited with A. Dow, 2006).

William Dow

Michael Dowling