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Huw Dixon

A macroeconomist who has specialised in monetary theory and the use of price-data to measure price rigidity, inflation and the effectiveness of monetary policy. He has done extensive research on the CPI price-quote data in the UK and France and has also used this for the macroeconomic modelling of inflation. He has also studied the impact of fiscal policy in the British economy.

London School of Economics

Simeon Djankov

University of Bristol

Battal Dogan

Battal Dogan is a senior lecturer at the University of Bristol, where he has taught since September 2018. His research combines ideas from market design, mechanism design, choice theory, and game theory.


Paul Dolan

Subjective wellbeing, preference elicitation, economic appraisal, social preferences, equity, behavioural science.

University of Sussex and National Institute of Economic and Social Research 

Peter Dolton

Specialist in: Education Economics, Labour Economics, Health Economics, and Applied Econometrics. Advised OECD, World Bank, HMT and many government departments. Sat on Pay Review Bodies for teachers, doctors and the Armed Forces. Research interests in many applied economic policy questions. Currently Professor of Economics, University of Sussex and Research Director,  NIESR.

Queen's University Belfast & Ulster University

Áine Doran

Áine’s PhD focuses on two areas of economic history: 19th century Ireland and post-Industrial Revolution pandemics. Her work on 19th century Ireland examines parish-level pre-famine living conditions and how these contributed to the severity of the Great Irish Famine. She also studies the relationship between fertility and access to finance in the 19th century. Her research on pandemics assesses the economic and demographic impact of pandemics and the lessons this can offer for future research.