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Imperial College London

Emile S Greenhalgh

Emile is Professor of Composite Materials in the Aeronautics Department and is Head of the Composite Centre at Imperial College London. He was worked in Composites since 1987, firstly at what is now QinetiQ (Farnborough) until moving into Academia in 2003. He has built considerable expertise in polymer composites, and has pioneered the development of structural power composites, which are mechanically load-bearing materials that have the capacity to store and deliver electrical energy.

Michael Greenstone

University of Bath

Paul Gregg

Paul Gregg sits on the body that sets the Living Wage Commission for the Living Wage Foundation and is a Research Fellow at the Resolution Foundation. Paul was formally a member of the statutory Social Mobility Commission led Alan Milburn. Research interests include: Youth unemployment and Workless households, Intergenerational social mobility, Drivers of social disadvantage, Wage growth and job stability and Child poverty

University of Sheffield

Ian Gregory-Smith

Dr Gregory-Smith’s primary research interests concern the executive labour market and related issues associated with wages, gender, corporate governance, shareholder voting and productivity. He has published articles on the economics of sport (particularly cricket) trying to understand how strategic decisions are made. At Sheffield, he teaches Microeconomics and Industrial Organisation to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

IFS, Manchester

Rachel Griffith

Rachel is an applied microeconomist with a focus on public policy. Her research considers the impacts of government policies on the behaviours of firms, workers, consumers and the functioning of markets. She has published widely on the impacts of policy on nutrition, innovation, and productivity. She is interested in improving the ways that economists communicate with the wider public, and increasing diversity of all kinds in the economics profession.

University of Edinburgh

Jan Grobovšek

Jan Grobovšek is a Lecturer at the School of Economics at the University of Edinburgh. He holds a PhD from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. His area of expertise is economic growth and development. He has written research articles on how development is affected by agricultural productivity, structural transformation, managerial delegation in firms, trade in intermediate inputs, and the functioning of labor markets.