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University of Miami

Alex Horenstein

Alex is a faculty at the Miami Herbert Business School specialized in financial economics, econometrics, and experimental and behavioral economics. He graduated from Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (Mendoza, Argentina) with a Licentiate degree in Economics and from Arizona State University (USA) with a Ph.D. in Economics. Among other outlets, Alex has published in Econometrica, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Journal of the European Economic Association, and Management Science.

Central European University, Budapest and Vienna

Julius Horvath

Julius Horvath is Professor of Economics and former Head of the Department of Economics at the Central European University. He is a member of Academia Europea and a member of the Council of the European Society for the History of Economic Thought. His primary interest lies in international economic policy issues, the political economy of monetary relations, and the history of economic thought. He has published in journals such as Journal of Comparative Economics, Contemporary Economic Policy, Applied Economics, Economic Systems, Journal of Quantitative Economics, Journal of Economic Integration, Nationalities Papers, Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination.

University of Bath

Neil Howard

Neil’s research looks at labour exploitation and social marginalisation. He examines the impact of economic shocks on labour ‘freedom’ and studies social protection interventions such as cash transfers and basic income. He has worked for extensive periods in West Africa and currently manages two research projects in India and Bangladesh.

University of California Berkley

Hilary Hoynes

Solomon Hsiang

London School of Economics

Helen Hughson

Helen is a Research Officer at the London School of Economics, where she has contributed to research on tax policy, inequality, migration, including the work of the UK Wealth Tax Commission. Previously, she worked for five years at the Reserve Bank of Australia on labour market and international developments, and co-authored working papers on household responses to monetary policy and the market for overnight cash in Australia. Helen has an MSc Economics from University College London.