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Monash University and University of Warwick

Sascha O. Becker

Sascha O. Becker is Professor of Economics & Xiaokai Yang Chair of Business and Economics at Monash University, Melbourne, and part-time Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick. He studied Economics at the Universities of Bonn, Germany, and at the Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l’Administration Economique (ENSAE) in Paris, France. He obtained his Ph.D. at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence in 2001. He works on forced displacement in historic and modern times.

Eric Beinhocker

University of Stirling

David NF Bell

Professor of Economics, University of Stirling. Areas of expertise: social care, health economics, wellbeing, labour economics – hours of work, youth unemployment, migration, fiscal federalism.

European University Institute and University of Edinburgh

Michele Belot

Michele Belot is an applied economist, with research interests in health and in labour economics. In the domain of health, her research focuses on the design and interventions targeting health-related behaviours using insights from behavioural economics. In the domain of labour, she is interested in job search behaviour, and specifically in interventions providing targeted advice to job seekers.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York and London School of Economics

Gianluca Benigno

Gianluca Benigno is Assistant Vice President at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at LSE. He has published on exchange rate economics, international monetary policy cooperation, monetary and fiscal policy and international capital flows. He has been a consultant at the IMF, IADB, senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and an economist at the Bank of England.


Erik Berglof

Erik Berglof has published widely in top journals on economic and political transition, corporate governance, financial development and EU reform. He was a member of the Secretariat for the G20 Eminent Persons Group on global financial governance. Currently, he is a member of the EU High-Level Group of Wise Persons on the European development finance architecture, He is also a Brookings Non-Resident Fellow and Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research.