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University of Bristol

Kate Lucas

Kate Lucas is an Editorial Assistant at ECO’s Bristol hub. She graduated from the University of Bristol in 2021 with a degree in Economics, and is shortlisted for the Playfair Prize. She will be working at L.E.K. Consulting as an Associate Consultant from September.

University of Nottingham

Benjamin Lucas

Benjamin Lucas (PhD, FHEA) is an academic data scientist and marketing researcher with an interest in novel commercial and policy problems. Benjamin is also Managing Director at (the University of Nottingham’s Data-Driven Discovery Initiative).

Royal Holloway, University of London and IFS

Melanie Luhrmann

Melanie Luhrmann is Professor of Economics at Royal Holloway, University of London and research associate at the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Melanie’s research focuses on public policy and health economics. In particular, she studies long run trends in nutrition and health. Currently, she evaluates a set of early life nutrition and health interventions introduced in the UK in the 1940s to explore their life cycle impacts on mortality and health outcomes in a project funded by the British Academy.

Queen’s Management School, Queen’s University Belfast and UK Enterprise Research Centre

Hoang Luong

Hoang M. Luong is currently a research fellow at Queen’s Management School, QUB. His main project is about innovation, entrepreneurship and productivity. The project is funded by the Department for the Economy Northern Ireland and Invest NI. Hoang’s research interests include innovation and entrepreneurship, corporate governance, and productivity and growth. He also has experience working and publishing meta-analysis in economics.

University of Essex

Renee Reichl Luthra

Renee Luthra is a sociologist with expertise in international migration, social stratification, and quantitative methods. Her current research interests include migration and inequalities in parenting, education, work and health. She is the author (with Thomas Soehl and Roger Waldinger) of Origins and Destinations: the making of the second generation, published in 2018 by the Russell Sage Foundation.

Centre for Competition Policy (CCP) at University of East Anglia (UEA)

Bruce Lyons

Bruce Lyons is Professor of Economics and member of Centre for Competition Policy.  He was formerly Editor of Journal of Industrial Economics, member of EU’s Economic Advisory Group on Competition Policy and member of UK Competition Commission. He is Academic Advisor on competition economics to KPMG.  Bruce’s research focuses on economics of competition policy, including mergers, ‘rescue and restructuring’ (i.e. crisis) state aid, transactional fairness, and institutional reform.