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University of Liverpool

Lin Liu

Lin Liu is a lecturer at University of Liverpool. She received her PhD from University of Rochester. She specialises in macroeconomics. Her research focuses on understanding effects of monetary and fiscal policy using empirical and quantitative methods, and studying the interaction of infectious diseases and the macro economy using dynamic general equilibrium models. Her work on economic epidemiology models which predate the current pandemic have been published in Economic Theory and Journal of Mathematical Economics.

University of Maryland

Antong Liu

Antong Liu teaches in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Maryland, College Park. One of his major academic interests is modern political theory, with a focus on the ethical implications of motivations for political action and the philosophical premises of modern theories of political economy. His publications have appeared in Political Research Quarterly, The Review of Politics, and History of European Ideas. He received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Duke University and was a postdoctoral fellow in the Political Theory Project at Brown University.

University of Birmingham

Johannes Lohse

Johannes Lohse is Lecturer (Ass. Prof) in Economics at the University of Birmingham. In his research he uses lab and field experiments to study cooperation, public goods provision, and the economics of charitable giving and pro-environmental behaviour. He is interested in why individuals contribute to intergenerational public goods, give to charities, or behave fairly and how such decisions vary with individual’s social and local identities and the presence of social information.

HM Treasury

Clare Lombardelli

Clare is Director General and Chief Economic Adviser at HM Treasury and Joint-Head of the Government Economic Service. She has worked in government since 2005, after starting her career as an economist at the Bank of England. Her roles have included Principal Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Private Secretary for Economic Affairs to the Prime Minister, and Deputy Director for Labour Market Policy. She has also worked as a technical advisor for the International Monetary Fund.

Policy Scotland, University of Glasgow

Jinqiao Long

Jinqiao Long received her MS in Regional Economics from the Nankai University in Tianjin, China and completed a Ph.D. in Urban Studies at the University of Glasgow. Her research, using modern applied economics approaches, explored the relationship between housing market outcomes, housing wealth and wider wealth accumulation patterns in China. She has also, working with Duncan Maclennan and Chris Leishman, contributed to published studies of productivity and housing outcomes in the UK, Canada, and Australia and to the recursive role of housing system outcomes in national and metropolitan economic growth processes. Her research also covers diverse areas of housing economics, urban economics, housing supply, tenure, housing affordability, housing policy and asset-based welfare.

University of Warwick

Graham Loomes

Graham has degrees in Economics from the universities of Essex and Birkbeck College London. He previously held posts at the universities of Newcastle, York and East Anglia and has been at Warwick since 2009. He has undertaken research for a number of government bodies in the UK and elsewhere, and has received funding from the Economic and Social Research Council and the Leverhulme Trust. Currently, he is a co-investigator in the ESRC’s Network for Integrated Behavioural Science and the Leverhulme Trust’s ‘Value’ programme. He is one of the most highly cited researchers in Economics and Business based in the UK and is a Fellow of the British Academy.