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World Bank

Amjad Muhammad Khan

Amjad Muhammad Khan an economist currently working as a Young Professional in The World Bank’s Global Water Practice (Washington, DC). His research interests lie at the intersection of development, labor, and urban economics. Much of his work also revolves around themes from political economy, economic history, economic geography, and the economics of culture, identity and religion.

Bournemouth University

Sangeeta Khorana

Professor Sangeeta Khorana is an international trade expert with over 25 years of experience in academia, business and government. As Professor of Economics at Bournemouth University, she leads research and teaching on international trade policy, in particular on design of free trade agreement. She regularly advises governments on international trade policy, mainly on bilateral negotiations and trade reform. She has successfully undertaken funded research projects for various national and international  institutions.

Michelle Kilfoyle

Michelle Kilfoyle is a freelance writer and editor who specialises in communicating stories about research. She spent a number of years producing reports and news for environmental policymakers on behalf of the European Commission. More recently, she has worked for the University of Bristol as a REF Impact Case Study editor and research copywriter, working closely with the School of Economics and the School of Accounting & Finance.

Shenzhen Audencia Business School, Shenzhen University

Li King King

Li King King is an Experimental Economist. He is currently an Associate Professor at Shenzhen Audencia Business School, Shenzhen University. Previously, he was on the faculty of City University of Hong Kong, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and Max Planck Institute of Economics in Germany. His research interests are in Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics, and Behavioral Finance. He is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, and a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics. Professor Li’s recent research topics include neutrality of money, investor behavior, and field experiments related to environmental protection.

Centre for Economic Performance and Copenhagen Business School

Tom Kirchmaier

Tom is the Director of the policing and crime research group at the Centre for Economic Performance (LSE) and a Professor at the Copenhagen Business School. His research focuses on understanding the various aspects of crime and policing, as well as on the functioning of organisations using large datasets. Prior to the CEP, Tom was with the Financial Markets Group, and the Manchester Business School. Tom holds a PhD in Management from the LSE.

University of East Anglia

Patrycja Klusak