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Economists from around the world are using real time data collection to better understand the impact the Covid-19 crisis is having on families, workers, firms and society, and how policies can help the recovery out of the crisis. Find out more about how these research teams are carrying out their projects, and what their findings are below.

Tracking the Covid-19 crisis with high-resolution transaction data

Financial and payments systems throughout the world generate a vast amount of naturally occurring, and digitally recorded, transaction data, but national statistical agencies mainly rely on surveys of much smaller scale for constructing official econ...
Primary Topic: Families & households
Lead investigator: Vasco M. Carvalho

Covid-19: burden and impact in care homes – a mixed methods study

The Covid-19 pandemic poses a substantial risk to elderly and vulnerable care home residents and Covid-19 can spread rapidly in care homes. We have national, daily data on people with Covid-19 and deaths, but there is no similar data for care homes. ...
Primary Topic: Health, physical & mental
Secondary Topic: Charities & volunteering
Lead investigator: Laura Shallcross

The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on nutrition

A major challenge facing policymaking during the Covid-19 crisis is ensuring all households have access to a nutritious diet. The Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) have provided supermarkets with a list of 1.5 million vulner...
Primary Topic: Inequality & poverty
Secondary Topic: Health, physical & mental
Lead investigator: Martin O'Connell

Estimating the heterogeneous impact of Covid-19 on economic activity in Europe using high-frequency electricity market data

In response to the Covid-19 emergency, most countries introduced a series of social-distancing measures including lockdowns and businesses’ shutdowns. Therefore, official statistics indicate that virtually all developed economies experienced a sign...
Primary Topic: Nations, regions & cities
Lead investigator: Carlo Fezzi

Attitudes towards debt in corporate decision-making: evidence from the Covid-19 pandemic

We study the e?ect of an entrepreneur’s attitude towards debt on the financial policies of the businesses they run. Using a survey of 1,009 Finnish SMEs, we test whether a manager’s attitude towards debt affects their likelihood of using debt-bas...
Secondary Topic: Business, big & small
Lead investigator: Mikael Paaso

The effects of emergency government cash transfers on beliefs and behaviours during the Covid pandemic: evidence from Brazil

This project aims to evaluate the impact of emergency cash transfers on workers’ beliefs about the coronavirus. It focused on the impacts of ‘Auxilio Emergencial’, a cash grant provided to low-income households in response to income falls cause...

The impact of Covid-19 on small business employment and hours: real-time estimates with homebase data

We use worker-firm matched data from Homebase to construct new real-time estimates of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on employment and hours worked of small businesses. We find four key results: (1) employment of small businesses in four of the ...
Secondary Topic: Business, big & small
Lead investigator: Andre Kurmann

Small business under the Covid-19 crisis: expected short- and medium-run effects of anti-contagion and economic policies

During the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) crisis, governments around the world have implemented large-scale anti-contagion policies to contain the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in combination with a series of economic policies to mitigate the econom...
Primary Topic: Business, big & small
Lead investigator: Kohei Kawaguchi

My home is my castle – the benefits of working from home during a pandemic crisis: evidence from Germany

This paper studies the relation between work and public health during the Covid-19 pandemic in Germany. Combining administrative data on SARS-CoV-2 infections and short-time work registrations, firm- and worker-level surveys and cell phone tracking d...
Secondary Topic: Health, physical & mental
Lead investigator: Jean-Victor Alipour

The impact of lockdowns on socio-economic attitudes

We examine the immediate impact of the nationwide lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic on the socio-economic attitudes of our societies. Before and after the enforcement of lockdowns, we conducted large-scale surveys with 20,000 individuals in four...
Lead investigator: Kerim Peren Arin

The political economy of lockdown: does free media make a difference?

This paper explores the role of the media in how governments are reporting on and responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. In countries with free media, more deaths increase the probability of imposing a lockdown and are associated with greater reduction...
Lead investigator: Timothy Besley

The unequal effects of Covid-19 on economists' research productivity

The current lock-down measures are expected to disproportionately reduce women’s labor productivity in the short run. This paper analyzes the effects of these measures on economists' research productivity. We explore the patterns of working pa...
Primary Topic: Inequality & poverty
Secondary Topic: Families & households
Lead investigator: Noriko Amano-Patino

Habit formation from corona lockdown

To prevent the spread of Covid-19, many countries have implemented different degrees of lockdowns, which has profoundly changed the way people live their lives. In our study, we investigate how habits change during and after the Corona lockdowns. We ...
Secondary Topic: Families & households
Lead investigator: Nora Szech

Assessing inequality in the school closure response to Covid-19

The spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) has caused school closures in more than 190 countries, affecting over 90% of the world’s student population. School closures can widen learning inequalities and disproportionately hurt vulnerable st...
Lead investigator: Xiqian Cai

Covid-19: industry level origins of changes in economic welfare

We provide an analysis of how the decline in aggregate UK economic welfare caused by Covid-19 is related to industry-level measures of economic activity. By exploiting data on asset prices, we perform our analysis in real time. We find significant as...
Primary Topic: Health, physical & mental
Secondary Topic: Prices & interest rates
Lead investigator: Harjoat S. Bhamra

Trade-offs in automated political advertising regulation: evidence from the Covid-19 pandemic

Digital platforms have experienced pressure to restrict and regulate political advertising content. This paper presents evidence of unintended consequences of restrictions on political ads related to the Covid-19 pandemic. We use data on more than 30...
Lead investigator: Grazia Cecere

World seaborne trade in real time: a proof of concept for building ais-based nowcasts from scratch

Maritime data from the Automatic Identification System (AIS) have emerged as a potential source for real time information on trade activity. However, no globally applicable end-to-end solution has been published to transform raw AIS messages into eco...
Primary Topic: Trade & supply chains
Lead investigator: Diego A. Cerdeiro

The economic effects of Covid-19 and credit constraints: evidence from Italian firms' expectations and plans

We investigate the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the role played by credit constraints in the transmission mechanism, using a novel survey of expectations and plans of Italian firms, taken just before and after the outbreak. Most firm...
Secondary Topic: Recession & recovery
Lead investigator: Pierluigi Balduzzi

Mitigation of risks of Covid-19 contagion and robotisation: evidence from Italy

The rapid and dramatic diffusion of the Covid-19 epidemic in Italy was tackled by the Italian government with social distancing measures and with the suspension of all economic activities, but ``essential'' sectors. A lively policy debate o...
Lead investigator: Mauro Caselli

Does Covid-19 affect neighborhood amenity?

This paper studies the impact of Covid-19 on neighborhood amenity by analyzing the effect of confirmed Covid-19 cases on housing prices in China. Home buyers may not choose housing units in neighborhoods that have confirmed Covid-19 cases because of ...
Primary Topic: Prices & interest rates
Lead investigator: Naqun Huang