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Changes in preferences due to Covid-19: a longitudinal study from the northern Finland birth cohorts

Remarkable events such as large pandemics (Covid-19) can presumably cause changes in people’s preferences, e.g. in their attitudes towards risk-taking and trust. These effects can be permanent, or at least persist for a long time. We explore the effects of the Covid-19 on preferences especially in risk taking. We utilize the questionnaire to be sent to living members of the Northern Finland Birth Cohorts(NFBC). In addition to health and medical questions, the questionnaire includes survey questions related to risk, time and social preferences. This set of questions will be sent out this May, i.e. in the middle of the pandemic. Given the longitudinal nature of the data we will be able to find out if such a remarkable event has a profound effect on preferences.

Lead investigator:

Marko Korhonen


University of Oulu Business School

Primary topic:

Attitudes, media & governance

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Online survey

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