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Road to recovery

While the immediate public health impact of Covid-19 seems to be easing in the UK, the likely long-term economic scars cannot be ignored. Policies targeting the most vulnerable – as well as investment in technology to improve productivity – are key to a sustainable recovery.

Data stories

What do the latest data reveal about UK trade?

Total trade was down in Q1 of 2021 as worldwide lockdowns halted economic activity. Trade with the EU took a particularly large fall as the UK’s transitory departure period ended on December 31st suggesting Brexit has already had a large impact on trade.

Data stories

Could universal basic income work in Wales?

The Welsh government recently announced that it will pilot a universal basic income (UBI) scheme to alleviate poverty in the country. Other UBI experiments, such as Finland’s, may provide important lessons for Welsh policy-makers.

Inequality & poverty

What different ways can policy-makers address inequality?

Longstanding economic fractures have been widened by the pandemic. In response, a range of policy actions are needed across the income distribution and at all stages of the economic process.

Data stories

Levelling up: Has Covid-19 reduced the regional employment gap?

Payroll data suggest that differences in employment across UK regions have reversed during Covid-19, with employment rising above pre-pandemic levels in some regions, with London falling behind. In contrast, traditional employment measures suggest all regions are yet to recover.

Trade & supply chains

How is Brexit affecting the role of sterling in UK trade?

In the five years since the Brexit referendum, the share of the UK’s exports invoiced in pounds has declined, while invoicing in US dollars has grown significantly. Such changes matter for the competitiveness of UK exporters, particularly if there are sudden shifts in currency values.

Schools, universities & training

Which investments in human capital will boost productivity growth?

Developing people’s knowledge and skills – their ‘human capital’ – is thought to be critical for improving productivity and sustaining economic growth. Empirical research suggests this link is surprisingly dubious, but measurement challenges may help explain this.

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