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What are the effects of the Covid-19 crisis on labor demand? an analysis using job board data from Austria

In this project, we examine to what extent labor demand, measured in terms of vacancy postings, has changed during the crisis. Using data on various job characteristics, we analyze what type of jobs are most affected. These characteristics include occupations, required education and skills, and posted wages. In particular, we are interested whether jobs where teleworking is feasible see a relative increase in demand. As a follow-up analysis, we plan to examine whether observed changes in labor demand persist after the crisis. Our hypothesis is that firms might increasingly shift to jobs that were less affected by the crisis, which tends to benefit higher skilled workers.

Lead investigator:

Omar Bamieh


University of Vienna

Primary topic:

Business, big & small

Secondary topic:

Jobs, work, pay & benefits

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Country of data collection


Status of data collection

In Progress

Type of data being collected:

From private company

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