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Food system impacts of Covid-19

This research will examine the extent of continuity and dislocation in the supply chain across dairy products, meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, and fish. They will look at instances of radical changes in routes to markets and the barriers to change; the experiences of primary producers as supply chains adapt and change; the regulations, incentives, investments or interventions which might be required to optimise supply chain adjustments and ensure fairness; and long term implications of the crisis for the food supply chain. They will establish a panel of experts from each of the four main food sectors (dairy, meat, fruit & veg and fish) to confer fortnightly. They will conduct online research on supply chain issues and concerns, an on-line survey, and conduct c50 key telephone interviews with producers, processors, distributors and retailers. Their work will be interactive and iterative, with findings communicated through monthly bulletins, ‘living documents’ updatable by stakeholders and a project website.

Lead investigator:

D. Michael Winter


University of Exeter

Primary topic:

Trade & supply chains

Secondary topic:

Business, big & small

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Type of data being collected:

Online survey

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Periodic (other)