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Ethnic employment gap during the Covid-19 outbreak: great equalizer or divider?

Many employees lose their jobs as the result of Covid-19 outbreak (ILO, 19 March 2020). Moreover, the number of job openings decreases, making it harder for applicants to compete. This challenging situation can be particularly hard for minority groups. We aim to assess the level of ethnic discrimination under the condition of the slack labor market caused by the Covid-19 outbreak. We replicate a correspondence study, conducted in 2017, sending resumes of applicants with the native and ethnic minority names in response to job openings in different occupations. We plan to analyse the ethnic employment gap under the tension at the labor market and heterogeneity of treatment of different ethnic groups across occupations in this conditions.

Lead investigator:

Igor Asanov


University of Kassel

Primary topic:

Jobs, work, pay & benefits

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In Progress

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Unit of real-time data collection


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