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Entrepreneurial resiliency, innovation, and change during the Covid-19 crisis

The project will address this gap while producing immediately useful information for entrepreneurs and policymakers about how the impacts of the crisis change over time and how firms can build strategic resiliency in the face of an unprecedented crisis. This will be accomplished through longitudinal interviews with high-growth commercial and social entrepreneurs throughout the country. The project focuses on four themes: (1) the immediate practices and strategies entrepreneurs employ to survive the current crisis, (2) how they are making longer term decisions about how to adapt and build resiliency by re-deploying their existing organizational resources, (3) how they use their local ecosystem and global communities to identify ways to identify and solve emergent problems and (4) the ways in which they use support programs and policies from national and local governments.

Lead investigator:

Benjamin Spigel


University of Edinburgh Business School

Primary topic:

Science, technology & innovation

Secondary topic:

Business, big & small

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