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Covid-19: Families, children aged 0-4 and pregnant women: vulnerabilities, resources and recovery in Tower Hamlets

Adverse impacts of the current Covid-19 pandemic will disproportionately fall on individuals and families at the lower end of the income distribution. The highly diverse population profile offers an opportunity to identify how families deploy their interpersonal, economic and social resources to manage risks associated with living in lockdown restrictions and its aftermath. In close partnership with the borough Public Health team, we will run a repeat survey of 2000 couple and single parent families with children aged 0-4, and pregnant women; a longitudinal qualitative panel with approximately 60 household members including fathers and wider kin; and examine changing family support services, and emergent community resources such as mutual aid and peer networks

Lead investigator:

Claire Cameron


University College London

Primary topic:

Families & households

Secondary topic:

Inequality & poverty

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Country of data collection


Status of data collection


Type of data being collected:

Survey (other/unclear)

Unit of real-time data collection