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Sterling crisis: what are the historical precedents?

The pound is currently weak against the dollar and, to some extent, the euro. Past currency crises show that the sterling exchange rate can be vulnerable to expectations about the economy, which today may be influenced by the cost of living crisis, post-Brexit trade and prospects for growth.

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Data stories

What do new wellbeing data reveal about the quality of life in the UK?

Measures of national wellbeing offer insights into how the pandemic has affected people’s lives – from their personal finances to relationships with family, friends and even nature. The cost of living crisis that is squeezing household budgets is likely to reduce life satisfaction.

Prices & interest rates

‘Monetary financing’: is it happening and what are the dangers?

Has the Bank of England been ‘printing money’ to pay for government programmes to tackle the economic damage from the coronavirus crisis? No: it is useful to understand the division of responsibilities between fiscal policy and monetary policy – and why it exists.

Prices & interest rates

How has Brexit affected the value of sterling?

Since the Brexit vote in 2016, the exchange rate of the pound against other leading currencies has fallen significantly. This seems to reflect a generally negative outlook among international investors for the UK’s economic prospects outside the European Union.

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Recession & recovery

Russia's 1998 currency crisis: what lessons for today?

In 1998, Russia experienced sovereign debt default, a massive devaluation of the rouble and a banking crisis. Triggered by the invasion of Ukraine, the currency’s value has again tumbled – and this crisis may be longer lasting and more severe without a move towards peace.

Banks & financial markets

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee at 25: where next?

Twenty-five years since being granted operational independence, the Bank of England can look back at a successful track record. But with inflation once more resurgent, the Monetary Policy Committee faces the challenge of engineering a return to price stability without prompting a recession.

Jobs, work, pay & benefits

The shift to working from home: how has it affected productivity?

The Covid-19 outbreak led to a rapid shift to working from home in many occupations. The change may have a negative impact on productivity, but this ignores workers’ perceptions and effects on their wellbeing.

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