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Do managers matter?

The productivity of UK firms depends on them being well managed. This makes improving management practices a critically important issue both for business leaders and for policy-makers seeking to boost the country’s overall economic performance.

Data stories

Euro 2024 final update: is football coming home?

With each stage of this year’s European Championship, the probability of football coming home has risen. While Spain are favourites to win the final on Sunday, England have a 27% chance of lifting the trophy without a shoot-out – and around a 41% chance allowing for extra time and penalties.

Productivity & growth

Twenty-five years of devolution: what progress on productivity and skills?

Northern Ireland has poorer productivity than the other two devolved nations. At a recent event in Belfast, researchers, politicians and policy officials discussed the roles of skills, training, childcare and apprenticeships in boosting the nation’s economic performance.


Wind energy

The de facto ban on onshore wind energy in England has been lifted. From 2015, stringent English planning regulations meant that any local opposition could halt onshore wind projects and all projects had to form part of a local development plan - conditions not applied to other energy types.

As one of the cheapest forms of electricity, wind energy will be central to the UK’s net-zero transition. Last year, the National Infrastructure Commission called for onshore wind to be ‘scaled up’, following years of stagnation in England. Since 2017, English capacity has risen by just 2%, while in Scotland – unaffected by the ban – it has surged by 86%.

To find out more about the green transition, read this Economics Observatory article, which links to the full range of our coverage of the issue.

Nations, regions & cities

What are the key election issues in Scotland?

The campaign north of the border is largely focused on issues that are the Scottish government’s responsibility. But a change of government in Westminster – with a new focus on growth, fiscal strategy, energy policy and the role of the Scottish Office – could see a big shift in policies in Scotland.


Ideas for the UK – election economics nations and regions week

What are the big issues under debate in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales? And what’s happened to ‘levelling up’ – the ambition to address the UK’s long-standing geographical inequalities touted in the 2019 election? Our fifth election newsletter looks at cities, regions and the devolved nations.


Ideas for the UK: election economics international week

What is the right level of migration for the UK? Is the country on track to meet its commitments on tackling climate change? And how will big changes in the world trading environment affect the economy? Our fourth election newsletter looks at some of the global issues at stake in the election.

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