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This is a bumper year for elections, with over 60 countries and around half the world’s population going to the polls. Economic researchers can play an important role in providing independent analysis and robust evidence to inform the decisions that voters make about their future political leaders.

Families & households

How can we tackle the UK’s housing crisis?

With high property prices, rising rents and sluggish rates of new-build, the UK is facing a crisis of housing affordability. A comprehensive strategy is urgently needed, one that’s joined up with other key areas of public policy, including taxation and investment in human capital.

Public spending, taxes & debt

What would be the effects of abolishing or reforming inheritance tax?

Inheritance taxes aim to raise revenue and reduce inequality of opportunity arising from differences in parental wealth. But current UK policy has little impact on social mobility. Scrapping the tax would benefit the wealthiest, while reforms could reduce unfairness and negative economic effects.


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Just as at the time of Bretton Woods, international economic law is essential to discourage destructive national policies. But it is also vital to understand how law, regulations and institutions are located within a longer historical trajectory of colonialism, inequality and exploitation.

Families & households

How should policy-makers think about the ageing population?

The population of Wales is ageing, as are those in the rest of the UK and across the G7. This presents a number of challenges for pensions, productivity and public services. Designing effective policies in the face of an ageing demographic means reducing dependency and promoting good health.

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