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Which taxes are best and worst for growth?

Tax affects economic growth by reducing consumer spending and lowering incentives to invest. But different fiscal policies have variable overall economic effects, with taxes on income better than those levied on corporate profits in terms of their wider impact on GDP.

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How would dollarisation affect Argentina’s competitiveness?

Replacing Argentina’s currency with the US dollar was a central policy promise of the country’s new president, Javier Milei. The primary intention was to tame rampant inflation, but the impact on the country’s competitiveness could be significant.

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Can artificial intelligence help us to measure inflation?

In new work, the Economics Observatory data team demonstrates how AI tools can be used to collect, clean and summarise price data. The automated food CPI generated is available faster, with broader coverage and at lower cost than human-collected data. It could be a complement to official statistics.


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Along with the rest of the UK, Wales’s population is ageing and there is a real chance of population decline, posing significant risks to economic wellbeing. Policy-makers can learn from international evidence on boosting fertility, retaining population and attracting inward migrants.

Nations, regions & cities

How are the UK’s devolved nations faring ahead of the general election?

Over the current parliamentary term, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have each faced unique challenges as well as common ones, such as rising economic inactivity. Measures of output, productivity and the labour market indicate where the devolved nations could improve their economic prospects.

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