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How will UK tax rises to fund social care affect the devolved nations?

The UK government’s announcement of a rise in national insurance contributions to pay for additional health and social care spending has been met with some criticism in the devolved nations. The practical implications of the decision to ring-fence the funding are limited, but it could remain a source of tension.

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How has Covid-19 affected part-time jobs?

People in full-time employment have been far more protected from job loss than part-time workers over the course of the pandemic. But younger workers have lost out in both part-time and full-time work, which is in part because of the different kinds of jobs they typically do.

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What are the main options for reforming adult social care in England?

England’s social care system is likely to come under further strain as the population ages and costs increase. The government has recently proposed a cap on total costs, but significant funding or restructuring will be needed to meet rising demand.

Public spending, taxes & debt

How might changes to social care funding affect different service users?

The proposed introduction of a cap on costs for social care may limit how much individuals need to contribute. But its implementation alongside other means-tested requirements may still result in inequalities.

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What does football reveal about the impact of Covid-19 on work performance?

Amid concerns about the potentially lower workplace productivity of people who have had Covid-19, evidence from professional football suggests that even six months after an infection, a player’s performance is reduced. Team performance also suffers from more players being infected.

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How important is international cooperation in the vaccine rollout?

Early procurement and stockpiling of doses by wealthier countries has led to inequality in the vaccine rollout. International coordination and initiatives such as COVAX may offer a path to close the gap.

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Is the UK a meritocracy?

Many Britons believe that success is based on merit. But evidence shows that family background and economic circumstances play a key role in individuals’ opportunities to move up the social ladder. Underestimating the importance of these factors can reinforce existing inequalities.

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Levelling up: Has Covid-19 reduced the regional employment gap?

Payroll data suggest that differences in employment across UK regions have reversed during Covid-19, with employment rising above pre-pandemic levels in some regions, with London falling behind. In contrast, traditional employment measures suggest all regions are yet to recover.

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