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How might house prices affect workers’ productivity in OECD economies?

Higher house prices may be partly to blame for the sluggish growth of labour productivity in the OECD countries in recent decades. The adverse impact seems to be less severe in more complex economies – those that produce a greater diversity of products based on specialised know-how.

Science, technology & innovation

What might be the economic impact of AI tools like ChatGPT?

Generative artificial intelligence tools are changing the way we use the internet. Some people are concerned that such systems could replace countless jobs; others expect quick productivity gains. As with past technological innovations, change is likely to be less dramatic than the hype suggests.

Business, big & small

How has digitalisation changed the economics of the creative industries?

Digital technologies have had a profound effect on the production and consumption of creative goods and services – from archives to video games. They have also challenged how economists analyse the creative industries and beyond, with the growing importance of platforms and network effects.


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Since the 1990s, UK governments have set constraints on how much they can borrow to fund public spending net of tax revenues, as well as total public debt relative to GDP. These targets are required by legislation but have been frequently adjusted in response to changing circumstances or priorities.

Aid & international development

Asylum seekers in Europe: where do people go and why?

As millions of people cross dangerous terrain to seek refuge in Europe, understanding the factors that drive them to go to particular places is crucial. It is also important to assess whether certain policies in destination countries deter or attract asylum seekers.

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