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New PostHealth, physical & mental

Why should we care about obesity?

Obesity is increasing in the UK and around the world, including among children from disadvantaged backgrounds. As well as immediate health effects, obesity can have an impact on young people’s learning and future prospects.

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Energy & climate change

How are agricultural economies affected by climate change?

Weather can have a significant impact on agricultural production. Changes in climate and increases in extreme weather events exacerbate this, leaving poor households in rural areas particularly vulnerable.

Business, big & small

Should companies be allowed to buy back their own shares?

During the pandemic, there has been severe hostility to firms buying back their own shares, a practice only made legal in the UK in 1981. Opposition to stock repurchases is associated with allegations of ‘short-termism’, but there is little evidence to support such claims.


Getting back on track

There are numerous policy challenges on the road to a net-zero economy. Investing in green technology could well hold the key to a sustainable future. But continuing to miss agreed targets for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions risks driving up costs.

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Science, technology & innovation

What are the social responsibilities of the dominant digital platforms?

Most digital platforms have emerged as big winners from the pandemic. Yet they are under regulatory pressure on both sides of the Atlantic. A fundamental question is whether and how these businesses should be held accountable for what happens on their websites.

Energy & climate change

Is the UK on track to meet its climate commitments?

The UK government has set ambitious emissions reduction targets to help tackle climate change. But it is currently falling short, and more funding and policy interventions will be needed to reach the ultimate objective of net zero.

Business, big & small

What may happen to firm-level productivity in the UK after Covid-19?

Many businesses have responded to the pandemic by adopting new technologies and working practices. These may lead to productivity improvements. But other factors are important too, including the impact that damage to supply chains could have on the most productive ‘frontier firms’.

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