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What can we learn from banking crises of the past?

Banking crises happen with alarming regularity. But that doesn’t mean that every crisis will result in a global economic meltdown. Recognising that there are common traits among episodes of financial turmoil can help to prevent the next crash from becoming a great crash.

Nations, regions & cities

How would dollarisation affect Argentina’s competitiveness?

Replacing Argentina’s currency with the US dollar was a central policy promise of the country’s new president, Javier Milei. The primary intention was to tame rampant inflation, but the impact on the country’s competitiveness could be significant.

Nations, regions & cities

How have the institutions of UK devolution affected economic performance?

It is sometimes argued that the experience of devolution for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales implies that the regions of England need greater decentralisation to improve policy delivery and economic outcomes. But the evidence from the devolved nations after 25 years is much more ambiguous.


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Poland’s new government is prioritising competent policy-making, the rule of law and investment in skills and education. There is real promise that new policies will be based on solid research evidence, including the appointment of senior ministers with deep ties to the academic community.

Trade & supply chains

How is India's trade landscape shaping up for the future?

After independence in the late 1940s up to the early 1990s, India’s trade policy was transformed: from protectionism to a liberalised economy. As the country moves towards greater global economic integration, remaining challenges include improving infrastructure and diversifying trade relations.

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