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Devolution at 25: Productivity and skills

21 June 2024 (9am-11am), Queen's University Belfast

Mark Pigott Lecture Theatre, Riddel Hall Student Hub, Queen's University Belfast, 85 Stranmillis Road, Belfast, BT9 5EE

The Economics Observatory is holding three events to mark 25 years of devolution. The chief aim of these events is to be forward looking and stimulate debate as to how we create prosperous Northern Irish, Scottish, and Welsh economies.

The theme of the Belfast event, on Friday 21 June, is productivity and skills. It will take place from 9am to 11am (with refreshments available from 8.30am) and will be hosted by the Northern Ireland Productivity Forum.

The event will consist of two roundtables focusing on skills and productivity in Northern Ireland and the two other devolved nations.

In partnership with Queen's University Belfast