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What would it take to level up the UK?

The government’s levelling up agenda seeks to reduce disparities across the UK. Policies to boost economic performance will need to attract workers and firms away from London and the South East and improve opportunities in ‘left-behind’ places – but success depends on significant investment.

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Families & households

Retrofitting the UK housing stock: what lessons from Scotland’s tenements?

To improve the efficiency of UK energy use and reduce carbon emissions, one key area for action is the country’s housing stock. The required retrofit is a massive financial and physical programme. An early initiative of this kind in Glasgow’s tenement buildings offers lessons on how to make it work.

Data stories

What do the latest UK labour market data mean for real wages?

New data show that earnings have increased in the UK on average. But much of the growth is in sectors that offer bonuses and which have seen workers’ pay return to 100% after the furlough scheme. For many, rising prices are likely to erode any effects of these wage increases.

Attitudes, media & governance

Ukraine’s accession to the European Union: what difference would it make?

Existing agreements between Ukraine and the EU have already promoted substantial trade flows. Accession would have bigger implications for freedom of movement of capital and workers – investment inflows and migration outflows. These areas are where negotiations are likely to focus.

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To tackle major challenges – from today’s cost of living crisis to enduring inequalities – data are essential. But it is important to bear in mind that the data we select – their strengths, limitations and timeliness – will influence the policy choices that we collectively make.

Health, physical & mental

Why should we care about obesity?

Obesity is increasing in the UK and around the world, including among children from disadvantaged backgrounds. As well as immediate health effects, obesity can have an impact on young people’s learning and future prospects.

Inequality & poverty

What explains the UK’s racial wealth gap?

Compared with white British households, ethnic minorities are more likely to live in households with lower levels of total net wealth and income, with fewer people in work. Differences in educational attainment and earnings are important for explaining wealth disparities among minority groups.

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