Questions and answers about coronavirus and the UK economy

Questions and answers about coronavirus and the UK economy

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Budget talk

The budget has been this week’s big story in UK economics and economic policy-making. Economists from across the country have provided expert insights on its promises – and pointed out what barely got a mention, including Brexit, schools, health and emerging inequalities.

Inequality & poverty

Have government measures been protecting the UK’s most vulnerable?

Several government measures have sought to protect family incomes in this time of crisis. But there is mounting evidence that the support provided to people most vulnerable to the economic impacts of the pandemic has not been enough to prevent rising hardship.

Business, big & small

How might Brexit affect the English Premier League?

As Premier League clubs recover from the financial hit of Covid-19, they will again become active in the global labour market for footballers. But their player development and recruitment strategies are likely to change as a result of the UK leaving the European Union.

Recession & recovery

Could a national investment bank support recovery from the Covid-19 crisis?

The unprecedented challenges brought by coronavirus will require an investment-led recovery at a time when confidence in the economy is weak. The establishment of a national investment bank could foster a more positive climate for growth, promoting innovation, employment and improved productivity.


Perspective matters

Vaccinating the population, moving out of lockdown and then ‘building back better’ all require policy informed by different measures and methodologies. A balanced approach that incorporates a variety of perspectives is essential.
Prices & interest rates

Can central bank balance sheets handle the challenges of Covid-19?

By buying up private sector assets – and so extending their balance sheets – central banks can both support businesses directly and underpin financial markets in times of crisis. This ‘qualitative’ easing is likely to be needed to deal with the sharp Covid-19 downturn.

Charities & volunteering

Is coronavirus distracting us from other pressing social concerns?

There are growing concerns about the impact of the pandemic on other social objectives, such as tackling climate change and reducing inequality. While some past crises have boosted total charitable giving, Covid-19 may lead to donations being diverted from other causes.

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