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Is the UK a meritocracy?

Many Britons believe that success is based on merit. But evidence shows that family background and economic circumstances play a key role in individuals’ opportunities to move up the social ladder. Underestimating the importance of these factors can reinforce existing inequalities.

Talking Economics

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#TalkingEconomics: How should we tackle the big post-pandemic challenges?

Soumaya Keynes reports on the final day of discussions at Talking Economics and the Bristol Festival of Economics. Topics included what to do about the gender pay gap, rising inflation, learning losses among the young, and climate change.

Nations, regions & cities

Where are the UK’s levelling up funds most needed?

Longstanding patterns of economic inequality in the UK are being overlaid with the locally uneven economic impacts of Covid-19. The challenge for policy is targeting the places that most need support – which are not whole regions but geographically diverse local areas.

Aid & international development

What will be the likely effects of reducing the UK’s aid budget?

Reductions in official development assistance inevitably involve choices – for example, between protecting future biodiversity and feeding children in today’s humanitarian crises. But the real loss from aid cuts is UK leadership on global responses to poverty, Covid-19 and climate change.

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Families & households

Did food hardship increase during the pandemic?

The number of households experiencing uncertainty about secure access to food rose dramatically during the pandemic in both the United States and the UK. The crisis has exposed severe inequalities in ‘food hardship’ across race and class in both countries.

Health, physical & mental

How is the healthcare sector dealing with climate change?

Healthcare systems face a growing burden from environmental hazards like air pollution and extreme weather events. As major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, they are also seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.


A just transition

A letter from Glasgow.

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