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What would it take to level up the UK?

The government’s levelling up agenda seeks to reduce disparities across the UK. Policies to boost economic performance will need to attract workers and firms away from London and the South East and improve opportunities in ‘left-behind’ places – but success depends on significant investment.

Talking Economics

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Summer of discontent

UK inflation has reached a level not seen in four decades. Rail workers are striking; and teachers and NHS staff will soon be asking for pay increases that keep up with rising prices. With no signs of easing in the UK’s cost of living crisis, the economic outlook is bleak.

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Why are cryptocurrencies crashing?

The prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies have been plummeting. While the trigger was changing economic conditions, the root cause of the crash lies in the nature of crypto investments: they lack independent value and require a continuous stream of new investors to sustain prices.

Prices & interest rates

How is the war in Ukraine affecting global food prices?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is raising food prices across the world. Developing and emerging economies are being hit hardest due to their reliance on the region for fuel and grain imports. Price hikes in these countries could spur further political turbulence and even violence.

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Lessons from history

Inflation past and present: how have we measured the rising cost of living?

Concerns about the cost of living and the need to measure it stretch back to ancient times. Two centuries of research on constructing price indices suggest that measuring the rate of inflation facing different households, sectors and regions is far from straightforward.

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Ukraine’s accession to the European Union: what difference would it make?

Existing agreements between Ukraine and the EU have already promoted substantial trade flows. Accession would have bigger implications for freedom of movement of capital and workers – investment inflows and migration outflows. These areas are where negotiations are likely to focus.

Data stories

What do the latest UK labour market data mean for real wages?

New data show that earnings have increased in the UK on average. But much of the growth is in sectors that offer bonuses and which have seen workers’ pay return to 100% after the furlough scheme. For many, rising prices are likely to erode any effects of these wage increases.

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